What is Meta Search Engine And Some Common Meta Search Engines To Know About.

2018 Nov. 12

Meta Search Engine

Today we are here to discuss what is meta search engine and some commonly used meta search engines. This would help you search on various search engines at a go which can save your time. So let’s get started.

What is a Meta Search Engine?

Meta Search Engine is an online based service that gives you results from a combination of results from other search engines database. It doesn’t have a database of its own as it combines databases from different search engines and link search results to proper sources.

Now let’s see some of the most commonly used meta search engines with their purposes.

Commonly Used Meta Search Engines


It uses innovative technology to search between top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search etc to give you the best result.


It helps you search for a discount coupon from different search engines.

This is a visual meta search engine that shows results on a graphical Map instead of showing them on a traditional search results page.

This meta search engine gives you results based on an internal ranking system.

It is a parallel search engine that shows results from Internet’s top search engines and the results are in groups with most relevant websites on the top removing duplicate results as well.
This search engine adds documents with similar content or a related topic in the same group where each of it is assigned a label based on the content of the documents.
It provides search results based on the user’s interest where it gives a chance to check the results from a particular search engine and gives you result at the last.
It gives results from different search engines based on the category which can be found below the toolbox.
It gives your results from different major search engines with lightning speed and accuracy.

It shows you results from 17 different search engines and is very quick in deciding what is most relevant to users.

It is called as a 3-in-1 meta search engine which gives us an option for clustering search, split search, and blended search.
It helps you search in 21 search engines without retyping the name of the search engines. The only thing what you have to do is enter your keyword and click on the specific search engine you want to.


I hope now you must have enough knowledge about meta search engine which can really help you when you are searching for a particular thing with the best quality. The above-mentioned meta search engines are really helpful if used. Try out some for yourself and let us know how did you find it.

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