Learn How Can You Boost Your Social Media Engagement Using Quotes Today

2018 Sept. 04

Media Quotes canva

Do you want to learn how can you boost your engagement on social media? Quotes are the thing. We will go through the strategies we need to follow for media quotes which will help you grow your business as it will bring you more customer and increase your brand awareness.

What are Quotes?

Quotes are the repeated expression, especially parts of artistic works like painting, movie scenes, etc. It is used for illuminating the meaning or supporting an argument. It provides direct information about the work. Quotes help in invoking philosophical thoughts from the reader. It can also be used as a language game to manipulate social order or structure of society.

Tips For Increasing Social Media Interaction

Use Hashtags

The key to getting discovered on social media is using Hashtags but at the same time, you shouldn’t overuse it. We can get a few hashtags ideas while browsing through Google Plus/Explore. Some of the most commonly used hashtags on Twitter and Facebook are:

  • #inspirationalquotes

  • #quoteoftheday

  • #lovequotes

Create Visual Quotes

Visual quotes work great on Google Plus, Facebook, and Pinterest as it has been on the rise for a while now. These are easy to share if compared to text ones, therefore, you should try to create more of it. It isn’t that hard to create if you know tools like Photoshop or GMIP or you can use Quote generators like Recite or Pixteller.

Recite helps you generator straight quotes which are placed on a basic background such as a piece of paper and pen while Pixteller helps you put quotes on visually stimulating backdrop like you might have seen on Tumblr or PostSecret.

For more visual quotes you can also use:

  • Canva: It is really easy, flexible and consumes less time.

  • Chisel: It is really efficient for tweeting and quotes while reading a book or article.

Know Your Source

There are various websites from which you can see use, share and get inspired by the quotes. Some of the websites are:

  • www.definitelyrealquotes.com: This website is full of fake quotes which are a trend now as its humorous. Fake quotes are a lot of fun and are shared a lot on social media.

  • Quotery.com: It is a resource for quotes as it is totally verified. They organize by collecting quotes as they make sure you are inspired by them.

  • Talking about fake quotes you can also visit Pinterest which is full of funny fake quotes for your inspiration.

Use Of Quotes

The great thing about quotes is that you can add them for your social media marketing as they appear to be an amazing content. You can use them for various things such as:

  • You can use visual quotes for a catchy presentation on Slideshare.

  • You can collect your visual quotes to create an inspirational video. For making an inspirational video you can use Animoto where you can make videos in minutes and market it on Youtube or Pinterest whatever you like.


Understanding about Media Quotes would have been easy for you. I have walked you through the what quotes are and the strategies you need to follow to boost your social media engagement which will help you create brand awareness for your company as well conversion.

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