Discover How My Client center (MCC) can help simplify managing multiple Google Ads(AdWords) accounts

Last Updated On : 2018 Aug. 20

Let’s discuss My Client Center (MCC) and get to know how easy it is to manage multiple accounts of Google Ads(AdWords) We are here to discuss My Client Center and how it would be easy for us to manage multiple accounts of Google Ads(Adwords). How it can help big organizations and agencies, how we can create an MCC account and in the future, we will talk about what are the PPC management tools and how to use them. So let's get started.  

What is the My Client Center?

My Client Center(MCC) is popularly known as the umbrella account used for managing multiple Google Ads (Adwords) accounts without logging in and multiple times into individual accounts. It features a linked system which allows regular Adwords accounts to be connected to a single Google Ads(AdWords) account. We can use this powerful and essential tool if you have more than one Google Ads(Adwords) accounts from clients or within the organization. This is generally used by third-party agencies who have to handle many clients under them. The idea for this account is to see entire information for all the accounts in one place, manage them without getting confused with the single login system.

How does the MCC account help big organization and agencies?

While we use MCC account, we will be able to organize different accounts in an efficient way. With this, if we want to make changes in multiple campaigns for different accounts, MCC account is a perfect solution for organization and agencies having multiple clients to handle.

How to Create an MCC account?

Creating an MCC account is really easy. You just have to follow the step by step procedure mentioned below,

Points to be noted while creating an MCC account:

How to Link MCC Manager Account to Adwords Account?

Now that we have created an MCC account, linking the Google Ads(Adwords) account to MCC is very simple. It hardly takes a few minutes to request and get the access to your Client’s Google Ads(Adwords) account.  After getting the access to your clients to account you don't need to login into their Adwords account. You can now directly create and control all the campaigns of your client from the My Client Center manager account.

Follow the below steps to send an approval request to the client for managing their Google Ads(Adwords) account from MCC:

How do Google Ads(AdWords) manager campaigns help in better Google ads campaign management?

Google Ads(Adwords) manager campaigns help in better Google ads campaign management as it is really convenient for agencies to use a single login to see the performance for multiple client campaign. As an advertiser allowing the agency to access your AdWords account through MCC is the most effective way as they can also help in campaign audit. The added feature is the ability to set up alerts and email notifications across different clients. Other added feature is Manager Defined Spend(MDS) which allows account managers to control budgets for different accounts.

What are PPC Project management tools? and how to use them.

There are many PPC tools which help an advertiser for managing their Google Ads(AdWords) campaigns. These tools help the advertisers in various steps like Campaign creation, competitive research, budget estimation, landing page optimization etc. I will be listing some of the Google tools for PPC management.

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