Beginner's Guide To Learn About Digital Marketing

2018 Oct. 24

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As a beginner to the world of Digital Marketing, you would be excited to know about how can you be found on a search engine. You came to the right place where I will be guiding you for the Marketing Land. We will be discussing topics as follows:

  • SEO: Information about getting search engine traffic for free.

  • Search Ads: Information on placing online advertisements.

  • Search Marketing: Information for getting traffic through paid or free methods.

  • Link Building: Information about building links on websites for getting traffic from those websites.

  • Social Media Optimization: Information on getting traffic from social media websites or search engines.

We will be discussing each of them in a brief. You can continue reading the extract below.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a method of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website with the help of organic search engine results.

To understand it in a better context I have divided it into three parts as follows.

  • Quality Of Traffic: It means when Google tells the visitors that you are selling something and you must be specific about it and you should not fool visitors with other things.

  • Quantity Of Traffic: Once you have users clicking through those search engine page results(SERPs). More traffic is always better.

  • Organic Results: These are traffic which isn’t paid. In SERPs, we will see the paid ads at the top and then we will see these organic results.

Search Ads

In terms of Digital Marketing, search advertising is a method of adding online ads on web pages which shows results from search engine queries. 

It is targeted to match key search terms known as keywords which are searched by users on search engines. The ability to target has developed the attractiveness of search advertising for advertisers. Users will often use a search engine to search for a product and compare purchasing options immediately before purchasing a product. The opportunity to show users with ads make them to immediately click on the advertisements instead of unpaid search results which are generally less relevant.

Paid search advertisements generally offer highly relevant search results which are based on the user’s own query. Paid advertisements have become an important thing for online users information searching experience and browsing on the internet.

Sponsored Search Advertisement shows highly relevant search results that are based on the consumer’s own queries and, thus, they are considered less intrusive than banner advertisements or pop-ups advertising. In addition, Sponsored Search Advertisement reduces online user search costs.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a part of digital marketing which involves the promotion of your website by increasing its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) mostly through paid advertising.

Link Building

Link building is a process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your website. A hyperlink is a way for users to browse between pages on the internet. Search Engines use these hyperlinks to crawl the web. They will crawl all the links that are on that page of your website.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is the process to generate publicity which will increase the awareness of a product using a number of outlets and communities. Types of Social Media includes social news, bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, as well as social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, video sharing websites and blogging websites.

Social Media Optimization is familiar to search engine optimization in which the aim is to generate traffic as well as increase the website awareness.

In short, social media optimization, in brief, is all about optimizing your website and its content to encourage more users to use and share links to the website across various social media and networking websites.


Today, we discussed SEO, SEM, Social Media Optimization & Link Building.

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