How to submit your website on and improve your traffic today!

2018 Aug. 23

In today’s article, We’ll go through how to submit your site on manta website that helps increase your reach and local visibility and outrank your competitors and in turn increases traffic to your website.

Introduction To Manta Website

Manta is free online business directory and one of the largest online resource dedicated specifically for small businesses, they also deliver products, services that are efficient, easy to understand and help small businesses to become more competitive in respective industries.   

Procedure For Listing On Manta Website

Start at, check for Add business option on the homepage at the top right corner of the screen, make sure to complete the entire procedure by providing various details such as Business Name, Business address, Company’s website address, contact number, target your customers by classifying business, choosing background, working hours of your business and many more related to your business.

Finally, After providing all the information, you need to verify your account through the phone number and reference code. Once the reference code is verified your account on manta with a Badge on your profile.

Optimizing Your Manta Website Profile

After your profile is created on Manta website, You will have to update additional details such as business category, Logo of the company, social media account linking for your manta website, products & services. The key factor for succeeding in a local listing is engaging with customers, encouraging them to submit feedback and reviews.

Additional techniques for making your listing work

Directory Submission isn’t the only way to Increase the visibility of your business, there are many basic techniques to make your listing work and generate more reach for both mobile and local Internet searches.

Make sure every time to follow the checklist given below:

  • Business Description:
    Define and communicate your business with a brief description, Highlight your business’s portfolio, Clients, Customers, Product & Service offerings.
  • Stay Updated with your NAP Details:
    Make sure to have correct Business Name, Business Address and Phone Number across all the platform. Such as Social Media, Local Listings, and Directories.
  • Link your website:
    In this Digital Technology Era, All Consumers before buying research for the company online and it is advisable to have your website linked to the local listing as it gives clarity and confidence to customers regarding the product or Service offering, Also it helps to get traffic to the website and make sure to have a mobile-friendly website.
  • Claim the listing:
    All Local search engine and online business directory provide the option to claim your listing through a short verification process. Claiming increasing the visibility of your Business immensely.
  • Customer Feedback and Review:
    Reviews and feedback both help the search engine as well as the customers regarding the quality and the value of product or services offered by the company, you should encourage the customer to leave feedback and reviews.
  • Videos and Images:
    Apart from submitting all the details, make sure to upload Images and videos of the business to your profile, as it brings better conversion, clarity, and confidence to the customers.


Thanks for reading! Apart from creating an account on Manta website, what really matters is to follow the fundamentals such as Optimizing your own website, engaging with community, customers and consistently offering value.  

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