How To Submit Your Website On Best Of The Web Business Listing

2018 Aug. 24

Best of the web local site submit

In Today’s post, We’ll walk through what is best of the web(BOTW), local site submit on best of web local, how to claim for the premium listing on Best of the web, therefore let’s get started.

Introduction to local site submit: Best of local web

Best of the web founded in 1994 is free a business listing website in united states. The listings provide business owners with an increase in traffic, better online visibility and better ranking on search engines. The pages of the local site submit (BOTW) are valuable on Google Places.

Best of the web provides comprehensive information on over 16 Million businesses listed on their website. Additionally, the local site directory provides users with two features Jumpstart Listings and Premium Listings. Premium listings have additional features like linking your business website, display of coupons to attract customers etc by paying $9.95 monthly or $99.95 Annually.

How to submit your Jumpstart business listing on Best of the Web

Submitting your Jumpstart business listing on best of the web is very simple and free, Let’s Walk through the steps below:

Step 1:
Start at the Best of the web Local Directory. At the homepage, Check for option List your business and click on it.  

Step 2:
Selecting Jumpstart listings Option

You will be directed to next page and check for option Free Jumpstart Listing at the bottom of the page. Below is the image attached for the reference.

Step 3:
Provide Business details

First select “ I am a new Customer’ and then provide details such as Business Name, Contact information and click on submit. Great! You have now done with Jumpstart listings

How to claim for premium business listing on best of the web local

Step 1:
Difference between Jumpstart and Premium listings

They are additional features for Premium Listings such as brands, Website Address, Coupons & offers etc. (Beneath is the detailed Image attached for the reference)

Step 2:
Selecting the Premium Listings option

Select for Premium listings option after reading the difference by finding out the option on the screen. Below is the image attached for reference

Step 3:
Complete Payment Details

Choose your plan either Monthly or Annually, It is best advised to go for a Monthly fee for a couple of months, Once familiar with the culture of Best of the web local, You always have the liberty to opt for annual Plan


Thanks for Reading! Hope this Guide has given the required information for making the best use of Best of the Web Local Platform.

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