Beginner’s Guide to become a LinkedIn Influencer. Learn how.

2018 Nov. 15

LinkedIn Influencer

Today we will discuss how can we become an influencer on LinkedIn by sharing content, producing long-form content, by earning and building our followers, and blogging. Let’s get started.

Who is a LinkedIn Influencer?

LinkedIn influencers are the persons who are the world's greatest thinkers, leaders, and innovators in their respective industries and geographies. They generally tend to discuss trending topics or news where they see the change for future. The topics include higher education, workplace culture, political mistakes, etc.

Guidelines For a LinkedIn Influencer

Curating and Sharing Great Content

Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn requires a lot of effort. We need to create fresh content and share others content that is same as our industry by which you won’t have to sell the products and services your business is offering but that will be done by your content gradually. It requires a lot of patience as when I say writing content and publishing it, it doesn’t mean you will start getting new followers but yes that will increase with time. There are some tools from which you should try.

  • Storify:
    It helps you find breaking news stories, updates on campaigns and events which are the same as your industry.

  • DrumUp:
    It is a tool that searches the web to find proper content for your industry and also lets you share content on your LinkedIn page.

Producing Long Form Content

Along with sharing contents, you should create original content with LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Generally, the LinkedIn post is around 300-400 words but writing more than 600 words gives you a chance to share your expertise on a given topic. It doesn’t mean you will become an influencer by just writing a post but its a step towards becoming one. You should also actively participate towards commenting and replying to someone’s comment on your post.

Earning and building Followers

You may feel to connect with a lot of users on LinkedIn but connecting to a targeted group of followers is always a plus. LinkedIn allows you to earn followers and also follow other people who publish on the network. It helps in interacting with users who have the same interest as your industry. It really helps you attracting the desired users when you publish informative and engaging content not by just adding random people to your network. When you also follow some influencers on LinkedIn it helps you learn from their actions that they adopt which will help you gain more loyal followers.

You shouldn’t stop Blogging

Even if you are publishing posts on LinkedIn you shouldn’t stop updating your existing blogs.


I have described to you the ways you can follow to become an influencer on LinkedIn and you should always keep one thing in your mind that “Patience is the key to success”.

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