Latest Alternatives To LinkedIn For Professional Networking

2018 Nov. 14

linkedin alternative

Today we are here to discuss the alternatives of LinkedIn which can be used for our benefits. As you know LinkedIn is famous for career professionals and business, therefore, it can help us grow our brand awareness for our products and services as well as we can get more conversions for our business.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a web-based social media network which is specially designed for business and career professionals to be connected. It helps in building connections for freelance work, potential partners, customer base or to keep our job prospects open. Now let’s see some of the alternatives which we can use.

Some of the LinkedIn Alternatives


It is primarily known as a platform for startups which can connect you to thousands of startups looking for the skills and talent you have. Overall, the site is very efficient, easy to use.


Makerbase generally makes software such as apps or websites. You can join it for free by using a Twitter account. Anyone can view the contents on the site and you can use Makerbase to list all the projects you have previously worked. It helps to find talented professionals like coders, logo designers or involved with PR. One of the great features of Makerbase is that it is editable which means you can add the names and descriptions of any makers who assisted you with a project.


BranchOut is the most popular app for professional networking in Facebook. It helps in recruiting and job hunting through Facebook connections.


Xing was founded in 2003, is a serious European competitor for LinkedIn where we can find jobs, partners, advice or post a list of an opening in our business. The basic profile allows you to search people with specific qualification, find business book summaries. Features also include directory for professional profiles, discussion forums, and event coordination. Premium members have an access to travel discounts. It is a great option if you are residing overseas.


Zerply allows users to post their resume and show their work through videos, portfolios or storyboard. It is the perfect location for talented and creative job seekers and employers.


VisualCV allows users to create a unique digital resume which can be shared with other connections or prospective employers. It seems more engaging that LinkedIn has not much difference.


Beyond.Com is known as “The Career Network” as it has connected as many as 45 million professionals with different companies involved in the technology, business, marketing industries and healthcare. The network has over 500 organized talent communities. It can be used to build professional connections and showcase your skills. You can create an account by sending your resume.


If you are looking to increase your presence on Twitter through brand pages Twylah is the best option for you which allows you to determine your true brand identity and how your brand is doing with the audience. Twylah also helps in page optimization for generating traffic from search engines. Connect Connect provides information like phone number and email address of companies listed with them in its Business Directory. It gives you up-to-date contact information for individuals in any company or within a department starting from staff to C-Level executives. You can start by connecting with professionals for a specific industry or location.


EFactor is a broad entrepreneurial group where users can access both offline and online tools, people and resources to make great connections. It provides information that helps entrepreneurs reduce business costs, pitch their ideas and create a business plan.


Now as we know the alternatives I have mentioned above will help you make great connections with different people having the same industry. LinkedIn Alternatives will help you grow your business and have more conversion rates than before.

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