A Ultimate Guide To Link Google Ads (AdWords) With Analytics

2018 Oct. 01

Link Ads (AdWords) with Analytics

In this article, we will cover what is Google Ads(AdWords), What is Google Analytics, Benefits of linking Google Adwords and Analytics and Setup to link adwords and analytics. let's get started. 

What is Google Ads (AdWords)

Google Ads (Adwords) is an advertisement platform from Google which helps businesses to promote brands, content, products, services, websites etc through keyword and help gain traffic & leads. Isn’t it Interesting to know the benefits of Google Ads (AdWords)

Here are a few Benefits:

  • Better Brand Awareness, Relevancy and Cost Effective

  • Efficient & Faster results than SEO

  • Outrank your competitors and many more

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web-based tool provided by Google which can be used by publishers to get a variety of information about their website and keep a track of the user’s activity. It helps in targeting customers based on the time spent by users on various products and services on their website. Google Analytics tells us about the total number of visitors, the number of page views, number of unique visitors to the website, amount spent on the website by the users, locations of the visitors and the search terms typed by the users on search engines which brought them to the website. It allows you to measure the advertising ROI and helps to track your Flash, social networking sites, videos, and applications.

Here are a few Benefits:

  • Get to know the source of the traffic to your website

  • Know your Website bounce rate

  • Get to know on which page the visitors are more visiting

  • Through previous data, you can optimize your website.

Benefits of Linking Google Ads (Adwords) with Google Analytics account

  • Analyze your website performance data

  • You can Import conversion data into Ads(AdWords)

  • Analyze website engagement data in Ads(AdWords)

  • You can create a remarketing list for specific audiences.

Setup to Link Google Ads (AdWords) with Google Analytics.

  1. Go to Google Analytics and login to your account.

  2. Click on Admin and from the list navigate on Property you want to Link.

  3. Navigate through Property Column click on ”+New Link Group” button.

  4. You have to select the desired Google Ads Account you want to link and click continue to proceed further.

  5. You should turn the linking on for every view in the property for which you want Google Ads data.

  6. You can also enable google display network impression reporting to include the data in each view.

  7. If you have earlier enabled auto-tagging in your Google Ads accounts, or if you need to allow the linking  process automatically enable auto-tagging in your Google Ads accounts, skip to next and last step

  8. Click Link accounts

Congratulations! Your accounts are linked now. If you have decided to use auto-tagging, Analytics will start automatically associating your Google Ads data with customer clicks.


Link Accounts And Get Amazing Insight About Your Audience Today. Hope you enjoyed going through the article

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