Learn How To Make An Awesome Sales Resume

2018 Sept. 28

Sales resume

Sales Pro are the people who drive revenue for your business and are responsible for growth, Hence it is very important to know how to have an impressive resume. 

In today's post, we will cover the important aspects of sales resume and points to remember. let's get started.

Match the Right Keywords

Being a sales pro, you always have to check out whether there is a match with your customers as soon as possible so that you can be focused on the most valued opportunities. This is also when you are trying to land onto a new great sales role. Hence your resume must also exhibit a match right up front.

Initially, you need to go through the ATS( applicant tracking system), which is a boring animal with a short vocabulary. When it's time to find a great new sales job, The most critical aspect is that your resume should match the description. Furthermore, you have to match keywords and sound similar to the language in the job description to go through the ATS.  

You really stand out only when you know how to use keywords to customize your resume so that you can communicate & convey your value to the company where you want to work or join.

Remember to Include And Match Your Both Hard And Soft Skills

Working in sales is like playing any sport. The objective of the game is to have a team and put the best on the scoreboard. But to do that, obviously, each individual has to perform as one team and also autonomously from the rest of the team.

Many research reports have exhibited to do so that you need to have the proper balance of hard skills ( domain expertise) and soft skills ( interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills)

An effective and compelling resume needs to exhibit the proper mix of hard and soft skills in three key areas: cultural, negotiation and as a team player.

Your resume should feature your skills that will help the whole organization, not only the sales organization. Will you be considered more like an independent contractor? Or will you be expected to socialize into the new organization, whether your managers will provide you with a lot of autonomy, or rather expect you to take their direction? Most largely, will you generate your own leads and run your own campaigns? If yes, you have to exhibit strong management skills.

Negotiation is basically about creating value for yourself and for your customer. But after several years in the same sales role, it’s easy and you feel like you have automated the process. You get to know that you are being competitive with your customers rather than other sales reps. Now it is better to take time and look at your negotiation skills matching up with the next role you want.

As a team player:
No deal is successfully done by a single person, but you have to know a clear picture of how much your team can help you, and it’s availability. Team player skills are specially required in large organization sales, or when sales enterprise works closely with other operations, specifically product management and marketing.

Consider sales as a Tech Job

The Sales job is more about managing relationships rather than performing tasks. That doesn’t mean relationship skills aren’t important. Instead, it means that sales reps have to match up the proper set of both hard & soft skills with the hiring organization.

Four Key skills that sales reps should exhibit on their resumes should include:

  1. Problem Solving / Troubleshooting

  2. Deadline-driven / Meeting deadlines

  3. Analytical Skills

  4. Project management

These are four skills required for securing a sales job.


Including the above points will definitely help you crack the sales interview and secure a sales job. Hope you have a better understanding of sales resume now.

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