Learn About List Of Most Commonly Used Copywriting Softwares

2018 Nov. 08

Copywriting Software

Today we are going to discuss what is copywriting? and list down some commonly used Softwares for copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an art of writing text for advertising or forms of marketing. It helps create brochures, catalogs, newspaper advertisements, sales letters and many more. The one who writes is known as a copywriter,

Copywriters who write website content which helps create online advertisements, web pages, email newsletters, social media posts and blog posts are known as website content writers or copywriters whereas if we talk about Digital copywriters they track users journey which helps them to create online sales and deal with technical issues such as bounce rate. Now l will be telling you about some commonly used copywriting softwares in the below extract.

Some Commonly used Softwares for Copywriting

  • Copyscape: It is an online tool that allows users to check the content of a web page and verify if that contains any plagiarized content. It really helps copywriters while writing a copy for themselves.

  • Grammarly: A copy with poor grammar and spelling mistake are worst for a copywriter, therefore, Grammarly comes in place which helps you check your spellings and grammar on various platforms. Grammarly has an extension which can be added to your browser for your comfort while writing a blog or posting something. It also has an add-in for MS Office. By using this app you can easily get your weekly progress report which helps you improve regularly.

  • Flickr: Flickr helps find and create an image for your copy very easily. It is really simple and painless when you have so much to do with your copy.

  • SEO Book Keyword Research Tool: With the help of this tool you can easily get keywords for your content. It gives you high performing and competitive keywords.

  • Live Keyword Analysis: It is an SEO tool which helps you calculate the density of the keywords you have in a copy. It also helps you confirms if you have too frequent or too rare keywords within your copy.

  • Word Counter: It is a keyword counter which analyzes a sample of text and your information about the top 25 most repeated words in your copy but excludes small words such as it, the, etc.

  • Hemingway App: This app gives you information about the word, character, letter, sentence and paragraph count. It also shows the grade level of your copy.

  • Reverse Dictionary: If you have a sentence in your mind and not getting the exact word to add in your copy, this tool helps you get the exact word from a list of words which is shown when you enter that sentence.


I have been writing articles for a quite long time and I find these softwares really helpful for me. These tools help me in saving my time and get a good content. Hopefully, You have understood What is a copywriting, Which software you can use to improve writing a copy for your client.

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