Learn Today How Can You List Your Business On Kudzu

2018 Sept. 04

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Do you want to list your Business for your local area? Kudu helps you do that and get customers for you. We will be talking about kudzu today and we will learn how can we create an account on kudzu to list our business which will help us get conversions.

About Kudzu.com

Kudzu is a local business listing platform where businesses advertise their services so that customers can get an information about your business. The businesses listed on Kudzu are from different sectors starting from healthcare professionals to roofers and remodelers. You can list your business in more than 300 categories and subcategories which can help customers find your business easily and quickly.

You can submit your business on Kudzu under two options Basic and Enhanced Listing. Basic Listing is free of cost where you can list key business information, display deals to customers, categorize your services and specialties and a link to your website whereas, enhanced listing is paid listing which offers you higher position in the search results, display promotional photos and videos, allows you to respond to reviews and offers up to four business locations.

How to create an account and List your Business

Step 1: 

Go to Kudzu.com and search for “Business Login” and click on it.

front kudzu

Step 2:

 A page of Kudzu’s business center will appear where you need to create a new account by clicking on the designated button.

business center kudzu

Step 3:

Now you have to click on “Claim Your Profile” to proceed further.

claim profile kudzu.com

Step 4: 

Now you have to enter your “Business Phone Number” and click on “Continue”.

phone number kudzu.com

Step 5: 

You have to fill out your Personal Information as well as your Business Details in the designated field. Personal Information contains your Name, User Name, Email Address and Password whereas, Business Information includes your Business Name, Address, Category, Phone Number, Website URL, Hours of Operation and the established Year.

information kudzu.com

Step 6: 

You have to accept the “Terms” and then click on “Publish” and you are done.

Step 7: 

A verification mail would come to your email address where you need to confirm it.

Step 8:

If you want an Enhanced Service by Kudzu you have to get in touch with the sales representative using this form or you can directly call on 877-210-0044.

How does Business Listing help?

  • Business Listing expands your local visibility which helps you gain more customers for your business.

  • Listing your business including your website helps you gain traffic on your website as people firstly search for things online to get feedback about the products and services before trying it out.


I am sure you can now easily create a business listing on kudzu.com which will help your business grow and get the maximum customers for your products and services. I have walked you through about Kudzu.com and how can you create an account on kudzu.com and list your business.

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