Top Internet Marketing Colleges You Should Know

2018 Sept. 11


I am sure you must be really interested to know about Internet Marketing and top Internet Marketing College to pursue your dream. Internet Marketing in whole is different from just normal marketing as it covers marketing tactics which you need to analyze online. Let's discuss it and see some of the top colleges for the same.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is also known as online marketing. It is a process through which you can promote your business or brand as well as its products and services over the internet using strategies and tools which helps in increasing traffic, sales and leads.

Internet Marketing Includes a wide range of marketing tactics such as content, email, search, paid media, etc.

Some of the Top College For Internet Marketing

College of Business – University of Michigan-Dearborn

College of Business was established in 1956. It was ranked at 35 in the 2015 edition for Best Colleges in Regional Universities by US News. Here students can learn about Social Network Marketing, SEO, open source innovation, viral marketing, reputation management, web analytics as well as experiment with market research.

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School was founded in 1993 and is focused on offering students portfolio as well as degree programs to make them ready for the ever-changing platform of ad agencies around the world. The focus on art direction, copywriting, digital design, photography, and video.

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations – University of Texas at Austin

The school firstly offered an Interactive Advertising Course in the year 1995. The program is on the list of the top institution to offer a course in Digital Advertising by Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Students here focus on insights, investments and interactive aspects of media content as well as to become proficient in digital metrics, analytics, and digital media sales.

College of Communication – Boston University

Boston University offers you a Master’s Program in advertising if you have an undergraduate degree in fields other than Communication. The very unique part about this course is that from the three semesters, two of your semesters is in AdLab which is a student-run advertising agency which is a part of the College Of Communication.

School of Business – University of Connecticut

School of Business is in the topmost school to provide Public Business Program as said by US News & World Report as well as Bloomberg Businessweek. If you are interested to learn about digital marketing and analytics this is the place. They have started the course since 2000. Topics covered under the digital marketing course includes marketing digital products and services, understanding dynamic pricing, digital distribution as well as social media. They will teach you how can you apply these tactics and how can you utilize analytics which will help you make better business decisions.

Art Center College of Design

If you really have an interest in pursuing your career in Advertising Industry, they have an undergraduate program. Art Center College of Design is based in California. When you start your school you will have your hands on traditional media which includes photography, video, and graphic design. When you have evolved with the skill set you can start creating advertising campaigns in an agency.

Art Center College of Design is the oldest school for advertising program in the country started in 1930.


You would have got an idea about what Internet Marketing is and I have made your search easy by listing some of the top colleges where you can pursue different programs related to Internet Marketing.

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