Everything You Need To Know About How To Increase Your Instagram Following Today

2018 Oct. 08

Instagram SEO

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful platforms wherein the reach to your audience is maximum and Snapchat is the buzzing platform for youngsters and if you aren’t on Instagram, it's obvious that you are missing a great chunk of youngsters for your business.

Today, In this post we will discuss Instagram SEO and Top Tips To Increase Your Instagram Following. Let’s get started

Top Tips And Tricks To Increase your Instagram Following

Associate with NGOs, Non-profit or Charity 

Build a positive image of your company by contributing towards society, you can contribute not only financially but by volunteering for a cause, sharing something valuable without exchange of money etc. This is a great and inspiring way to communicate about your brand.

Include Instagram Tab on your Facebook Business Page

You can easily Integrate your Instagram Tab with your Facebook page, this enables to have better visibility and reach to customers those who are looking for your business.

Driving fans and followers from both the account .i.e Facebook & Instagram

Link your Social Media Accounts with Instagram

Instagram provides an additional feature to link all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr etc. But make sure to fill up the correct details of your business including Name, Website link, description of the business and ensure to have the same details across all social media accounts.

Explore Quality and Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords for your business, Using Hashtags enables you to reach to your potential customers and individuals, in turn, increasing followers towards your brand.

It is advisable to explore, research for quality and relevant hashtags for your brand.

To check, Whether your hashtag is popular just search with the hashtag, Instagram will suggest with variations of the Hashtag that you inserted.

Research your Competitors

Apart from exploring relevant and quality Hashtags, you should make a practice to know what your competitors are doing, check for what influencers and Individual are posting and sharing on their profile.

How your competitors are posting, the frequency of posting content and above all which trend of your competitor is going viral.

Conduct Contests

Contests are the best way to boost your brand awareness, drive traffic and increase fans and followers to your Instagram page. Just by running contests you can get thousands of followers to talk about your brand. If possible try to get your campaign and contests promoted by celebrities.

Maintain Consistently on Posting Content

Consistently post content to stay engaged and to retain followers, try experimenting with the time as you may get to know at what time followers check for your post. Make sure that you don’t post irrelevant content as it may lead to, your followers unfollowing you

Invest in Instagram’s Advertisements.

Once you have enough followers for your brands, Try investing in Instagram’s Advertisement to promote and uplift your brand presence, However, you have the flexibility of sharing your spend on top two platforms Facebook and Instagram at the same time reaching out to multiple segments of the market.

It is best recommended for the first experiment with little budget and find out the results and accordingly invests in the next campaign.


To Stay ahead from competitors in social media space, you have to know how the particular social media platform works so that you can leverage from the platform. I believe from the above post, you now have an insight of Instagram SEO

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