Insights On Instagram Search Engine & How It Works

2018 Oct. 08

Instagram Search Engine

Social media marketing is one of the powerful platforms wherein the reach to your audience is maximum and Instagram is the buzzing platform for youngsters and if you aren’t on Instagram, it's obvious that you are missing a great chunk of youngsters for your business.

Today, In this post we will discuss an update from Instagram, the future of Instagram search engine and all about Instagram search engine

Instagram Updates

Instagram Shows Users When Friends Are Online

Instagram has come with an update, the Instagram app will now show users when people they’ve messaged directly are online.

This update is similar to Facebook’s messenger, showing a green dot on person’s profile picture to indicate they are active currently, The online indicator will appear in user’s direct message inbox, and their friends list when sharing a post from their feed.

Instagram Status Display

Users can only see the online status of people who follow them back, or people they have previously messaged them directly

Those who don't want to display their online status can turn off it by going to the settings menu.

Moreover, Users who have opted not to display their own status will not be able to see the online status of other users.

Note: This Feature is applicable for both IOS and Android devices.

MULPIX: The Future Of Instagram Search Engine

MULPIX is the new generation of Instagram search engine. It is efficient, faster and accurate, Just by using a couple of hashtags. You receive instant results which help you search seamlessly through Instagram. This definitely saves time & effort and get you the results in no time.

Introduction To Mulpix:

Mulpix is an innovative and advanced Instagram search engine, By using Multiple hashtags, Mulpix enables your Instagram search faster and easier. Users can include all the major keywords or major search terms to get a more accurate result.

Mulpix will search and will find results quickly whereas Instagram’s API cannot do it.

Why Mulpix is the Leading Instagram Search Engine?

Mulpix offers Instagram accuracy and innovation. It arranges the images in various categories based on your Location. If you are playing cricket in Paris, your search results will list people and recommendations from Paris. You can disable this feature by turning off the location from your device. Mulpix Changes the way their user think. Instagram is not only for Celebrities, But There are artists, photographers, freelancers who use Instagram to showcase their potential and market themselves.

Developers of Mulpix

Developers at Mulpix are working hard and thriving to make this the future of Instagram search engine. In the future, the developers are wanting to introduce best features for a search engine as nobody has ever experienced before. Very soon you would be able to find the best of the best photos, videos based on search and advanced filters such as country, type of media and all this is possible very soon

Why Choose for Mulpix?

While using the social media platform, we are also looking forward to new tools that will serve us along the way. Users of Mulpix considers this tool valuable in their lives, From this tool you get the best and most out of Instagram Search Engine. Even Professors, Journalists use this tool to help them in their research work. They depend on this website and also enjoy the experience. This is all because of Mulpix.


To Stay ahead from competitors in social media space, you have to know how the particular social media platform works so that you can leverage from the platform. I believe from the above post, you now have an insight of the Instagram search engine.

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