All You Need To know About Image Advertising

2018 Oct. 30

Image Advertising

Today we are here to discuss how image advertising can help us in improving our marketing strategy, targeting the customers and managing the expectations of the customers.

What is Image Advertising?

Image advertising focuses on creating a virtual picture of the products in the mind of the customers. It’s an attempt to collaborate product and services with certain values or perspective. It improves brand awareness so that the customers are familiar with the brand and in return, we get the conversion made. This is a most useful tool when there is a competition about a product in a market.

People having certain values and lifestyle are generally targeted so that even if they are not acquainted with the feature of your business they will be acquainted by seeing the images. It really helps the customers while deciding the brand/product they are going to invest on.

How does Image Advertising works?

The main motive for image advertisement is image recognition. Image recognition says about the real-time analysis of the image viewed, saved and shared across all the platforms including apps and mobile devices. The main targeting part is the keyword list, as it operates with the platforms to find out which articles, blogs the ads will appear on.

There are three important factors we should keep in mind while completing the keyword list. They are mentioned below for your reference.

  • You should first choose your keywords very careful as there are some words which have different meanings in different terms. The ads could possibly run on irrelevant articles if not noticed which would be of no meaning.

  • You should also include negative keywords to make sure that the ads don’t show on articles you don't want to.

  • Multiple Image advertising networks allow geographic targeting, demographic targeting, event targeting, and more along with keyword targeting therefore while layering these methods with your keyword list helps you refine your targeting to make the ad more specific, relevant and personalized to viewers.

Finally, when targeting has been done, image ads are added over important images on the web pages within articles

Advantages of Using Image Advertising over Standard display Ads

There are multiple advantages we get to see when we use image ads over the traditional display ads. Some of them can be noted as below:

  • Image Advertising is less intrusive and more naive when it comes to exposure to Ads than standard display Ads and can be considered as a possible solution for “Banner Blindness”.

  • Image Advertising can increase the visibility of the ads as it appears in line with other visual contents.

  • As we know image advertising operates on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click model that means by showing web users with engaging and relevant ads, engagement for the same increases and the business receives more opportunities and conversions for their business.

  • Image advertising is based on user’s behavior or contextual analysis, therefore, these Ads are more relevant for the users.


The doubts you had about adding image advertising to your bucket list of marketing should have been cleared now. The only thing you should be focusing now would be selecting your image and the right keyword list for it.

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