Directly Get Your Answer From Top Page Of Google Via I'm Feeling Button

2018 Sept. 20

I'm Feeling

In this article, we will cover how does I'm Feeling button works, Applying I'm Feeling Lucky without a search term and multiple options for I'm Feeling Lucky. Let's get started 

How does ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option Works

When it comes to Google they regularly work on its search engine to make it more efficient and faster, when you type in a phrase and press, click on Google Search button or press enter from your keyboard, Google Processes and gives you a result page that shows multiple websites related to your search query. Whereas I’m Feeling Lucky option bypasses or omits that search results page and directly goes to the page that is ranked first for the search query that you had entered.

Determined by your search query, generally, the first result is the best one, hence by clicking the I’m Feeling Lucky option you save few extra seconds parsing through the exhaustive list of search results. Just by Clicking the option after you enter your search query.

If you are very confident that the first result in the Google search engine is closely related to the page that you want to find, then I’m Feeling Lucky is a convenient option, But it is not so convenient if you are anyway going to search from multiple websites.

Applying ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Option Without a Search Team

If you just hover on the I’m Feeling Lucky Option and then click on it without entering your search phrase, Google will take you to the webpage that it feels you might enjoy, If you click on I’m Feeling Puzzled, you will be taken to a webpage full of puzzles. If you click on I’m Feeling Hungry, you will be taken to a web page with local restaurant options.

Multiple Option for I’m Feeling: A Distinct Feature.

After you start on the Google search page and before you enter your search query, staying on over I’m Feeling Lucky option provides with other moods Those options change randomly.

Example, You might see I’m Feeling Hungry, I’m Feeling Generous or I’m Feeling Stellar.

Few other buttons for I’m Feeling

  • I’m Feeling Trendy: For Hot Trends on Google

  • I’m Feeling Artistic: Google Art Project

  • I’m Feeling Doodly: Odd doodle

  • I’m Feeling Stellar: For Image & Picture search

  • I’m Feeling wonderful: World Wonder Project by Google

  • I’m Feeling Hungry: Local Search For Hotels & Restaurants

  • I’m Feeling Playful: For Interactive doodle

  • I’m Feeling Puzzled: A Day question by Google


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