A Brief About iFit with Google Maps

2018 Sept. 05

iFit google maps

iFit Google Maps today as iFit works great with the Google Maps and will help work out easily whenever you get time. You must have thought of working out 100 times but you actually work out probably very less. The reason might be you must be having very less facility or maybe you won’t be getting time for working out as you must have other work with higher priority. We will talk about iFit Google Maps today as iFit works great with the Google Maps and will help work out easily whenever you get time.

What is IFit?

iFit helps in bringing fitness activities together through a health tracking standard. The activities can take place in the home, the gym or outside everything with a single login and device. The product provides you with maps, visualization, and workouts on an iFit enabled equipment.

It also helps you track your daily activities like your sleep hour, calories you consumed, steps were taken by you and distance traveled by you. The technology is built in which is connected wirelessly to various hardware products like stationary bicycles, treadmills, etc which helps in measuring and tracking workouts at home or the gym.

iFit Technology

iFit technology is connected to Google Maps, the personal fitness training program, ad weekly motivational competitions with other users. iFit allows customers use the Google Street View to feel the experience of a real-world fitness activity while using a map which is on an iFit website.

For example, if you have an indoor cycling equipment which can map out the Tour of the selected areas available and while riding the machine automatically adjust the incline and decline to match the terrain mapped.

How can you use iFit Technology with Google Maps?

Here is how it works:

  • You can get a treadmill on which iFit is enabled.

  • You have to register on an iFit website.

  • You can now download an existing workout or you can choose a location where you want to jog like the streets of Long Beach, California or any place.

  • You will see a Google Map which will come up and now you can select the route you want to take.

  • You can now start your normal walk or jog as it will automatically adjust your incline to match the terrain and you will also see Google Street View images while you proceed.

iFit Programs

iFit offers users over 100 different programs to join. Some of the programs use Google Maps and if you want to join a program the steps are in the below extract.

  • You have to log in to your iFit account.

  • Navigate over the Menu option and then click on Library from the list.

  • You can now browse through all the programs iFit offers. It has a category like running, cycling, general fitness which includes training, elliptical and walking workouts, event training and video.

  • Click on Join for the program you are interested in. A dialogue box will appear which will ask you to schedule the date on which you want to start the program or you can just click on join where the program will automatically start immediately.

  • You can now log in to your fitness equipment to complete the workouts.


We have learned about iFit which works with Google Maps and helps your experience real-world fitness wherever you can starting from walking on the streets to high terrains, etc. I have walked you through how can you use the iFit technology and also how can you start using the programs iFit has to offer.

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