How To Submit Your Website On Merchant Circle And Get Free Traffic Today?

2018 Oct. 16

How To Submit Your Website On Merchant Circle And Get Free Traffic

Online marketing requires a lot of efforts and a comprehensive action plan for success, So let’s discuss and explore more about this by our new series called “Marketing Expansion Series’ by AdNabu and today we will go through & understand what is MerchantCircle, how to submit your website on Merchant Circle and Get free traffic. So Let's go.

What is MerchantCircle?

MerchantCircle started in 2005 and now has 20 Million business listings and is one of the largest local listings directories in the United States. Small businesses get networked with other local businesses to reach out with the local audience through MerchantCircle. It Combines features of a local listing directory such as Yelp, Yellow pages with social media network sites like Instagram, Facebook, and MySpace.

Any local business can submit their listings to MerchantCircle and in turn also get better visibility and ranking in various search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

This platform provides the ability to upload photos, videos, write blogs, create events and send out newsletters, get expert advice, questioning answers, various others tools and strategy to promote business and gain more customer leads.

How to create a listing on MerchantCircle and get Free Traffic

To create a listing on MerchantCircle is very easy. Follow these simple steps

In four easy steps, you can create your listing on MerchantCircle.

Step 1:- Signing up

At home page of MerchantCircle, check for sign up /log in on the top right corner, while creating an account you need to select as "I'm Merchant"

How to submit your website on Merchant Circle

Step 2:- Add your business

After logging in, now you can add your business, you need to specify the phone number, business name, zip code, street address, website and other details

How to submit your website on Merchant Circle 2

Step 3:- Deciding between three MerchantCircle listing plans

You have to decide a listing plan from standard, premium, and premium with MC signpost options. 

  • Standard is the basic option,
  • Premium with MC Signpost offers added benefits like preferred ranking with extra visibility.
  • Premium with MC signpost option, you need to fill your contact details and MerchantCircle representative will get in touch with you.

How to submit your website on Merchant Circle

Step 4:- Account confirmation

Login to account, you would have received an email from MerchantCircle, click onto the verification link to confirm your MerchantCircle account.  

Note: You may need to check both your inbox and spam folder

How to submit your website on Merchant Circle 4

How to claim/update a listing on MerchantCircle

To Claim a listing on MerchantCircle is extremely easy. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Login to your MerchantCircle account and search for the business

  • Check for your business name and “Claim your business”.

  • Approve yourself as the owner of the listed business on the left side of the window

  • Submit all the MerchantCircle details such as Name, Email id, and password

  • Click on the submit button

  • Decide on your payment plan or click “No Thanks” at the end of the page

  • Check your inbox for registration link, after your listing is registered and then you can update your listing

  • Once the profile has been updated, you can check out various free tools offered by MerchantCircle

Best Practices for local SEO

Best Practice for SEO

SEO is a technique to increase search visibility, marketability of the businesses to local customers, ranking the local audience and to generate traffic for the website. Here are a few of them mentioned below:

Update Google My Business

Google My business is easy to use tool and free for organizations and businesses to manage their online presence across Google.

Here are some benefits to using Google My business:

  • 70% of users prefer Google as its Search Engine.

  • Respond to customer reviews and feedback

  • Get Insights into traffic statistics such as clicks, views and subscribes

  • Posting videos, pictures and even reviews of past buyers all counts in making the first impression.

Mobile-friendly Website

The website should be responsive, meaning it should fit the screen size of any device, better user experience, Image, color, and design should not fade or turn too vibrant.

Here are some benefits of a mobile-friendly website:

  • Faster downloading speed

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Better Engagement & context to users

  • Brand Identity

Social profiles and Citations

A social profile is your presence on social media platforms to increase your visibility and credibility. Examples of social profiles are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

A citation is an online description of your business including your Name, Address and phone numbers information. They form a place in the local listing in an online directory like Yelp or yellow pages.

Alternative to Merchant Circle

There are many alternatives to merchant guide, here are a few as follows:


Yelp founded in the year 2004 is the local business review forum and social networking site. It is a useful tool in which users share their choices, like, dislikes, taste, and preference of businesses around them and also rate the products and services of the companies nearby.

Yelp Business Listing Directory

Foursquare is a local discovery service, providing search results for its users. The app provides recommendations of nearby places to go, through user's current location and previous browsing history, purchases, or check-in history

Foursquare business listing


Tripadvisor is an American travel and restaurant website company that provides rating and reviews for hotels and restaurant and is the largest travel website in the world. The users can go through the photos, videos, and recommendations of other users as well before visiting.

Trip Advisor business listing website


Today, we discussed MerchantCircle and how to submit website on MerchantCircle to get free traffic.

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