How To Submit Your Website On Superpages Business Listing | Local SEO Guide

2018 Dec. 06

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Online marketing requires a lot of efforts and a comprehensive action plan for success. Today we will see what is Superpages, how to create the Superpages business listing and how to claim it and the best practices for local SEO.

What is Superpages?

Superpages is the local business listing website and it helps to find information about businesses and organizations. The platform helps millions of customers know about local enterprises and retailers. It also tells about web reviews, map directions, hours of operation, and more.

Superpages is a directory as well as a high authority site, therefore, receiving a link back to your website increases your website’s rank and relevant web searches. However, you have to pay $25 per month to add a logo, slogan, or photo.

How to create a listing on Superpages?

Step 1: 

Log-In to

Step 2: 

Search for “Join” and click on it


Step 3: 

Fill all the details in the designated field.


Step 4: 

Search for “Add your Free Listing” and click on it.

Step 5: 

Now you have to enter your Business Phone Number in the designated field and click on “Find My Business”

Step 6: 

Then click “Select” and “Next” to continue to edit your business and list it.

How to claim/update a listing on Superpages?

You obviously would never miss the chance to claim a listing on a website like Superpages. I will be guiding you through the steps below.

Step 1: 

Log on to

Step 2: 

Search for “Add your Free Listing” and click on it.


Step 3: 

Now you have to enter your Business Phone Number in the designated field and click on “Find My Business”

Step 4: 

If it doesn’t find your business, you will have to add your business when it prompts to “Add Your Business”. Then click “Select” and “Next” to continue to edit your business.

Step 5: 

You have to Enter your Business Information, including Business Name, Street Address, and City.

For New Users, you can create a new account entering your First and Last Name, Email Address and the confirmation code. Click on Continue.

Best Practices for Local SEO

SEO is a technique to increase search visibility, marketability of the businesses to local customers, ranking the local audience and to generate traffic for the website.

Best practices for Local SEO are as Follows:-

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important step for all the successful SEO campaigns. It includes analyzing and discovering phrases and terms that people are searching on search engines to find local business listings as yours.

Meta Description

The aim of a meta description is to provide users and search engines with a brief idea of your page. If you have a descriptive and interesting meta description it will increase the volume of people clicking on your result when it is shown by the search engine.

Image Optimization

In SEO, Image optimization is considered as the finest art. Search Engines sees the images with the additional information that we have to give which can help to increase the rank of your target keyword. To ensure that the image is SEO friendly we have to optimize it by the following ways:

  • Name of the file:
    Before uploading the image make sure that the image is saved with the targeted keyword name.

  • Size of the Image:
    Before uploading the image make sure your picture is properly sized. You can use various tools for doing it i.e. Photoshop or a free web tool like Canva etc.

Hopefully, You have understood how to get leveraged through and to add your local Listings and claim it with some best practices for local SEO.


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