How To Submit Your Website On Showmelocal Business Listing And Get Free Traffic

2018 Dec. 24


Today we are here to know how Showmelocal can help us increase traffic on our website. I will be discussing what is Showmelocal, How can we create an account on Showmelocal and how can we submit our website on Showmelocal to get more traffic.

About Showmelocal

Showmelocal is a local business site which allows small business owners to quickly add their business information on the internet and into major search engines for free. By using Showmelocal we can interact with customers and form relationships with other local businesses which adds true value to your business. The page of Showmelocal is designed for each zip code, therefore, our listing is automatically added to the appropriate community page.

Showmelocal is also a local search engine where customers can visit your profile directly from Showmelocal homepage once it has been set to the zip code.

How to create an account and submit your website on Showmelocal?


  • Step 3:
    Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password and then click on “Register for Free”.


  • Step 4:
    On the next page after clicking on Register for free you will be asked to fill Business Name, Business Type, Phone Number, and the rest of the information into the designated fields.

  • Step 5:
    After providing the details click on “Add Business”.

  • Step 6:
    After adding your Business you will be asked to verify it by clicking on the link that has been sent to your given Email Address. Click on the verification link you have received to proceed.

  • Step 7:
    After you have verified your account enter your password to proceed.

  • Step 8:
    Now your profile is complete, you can edit your profile with the business’s URL, working hours and more. It is important for you to complete your profile so that visitors can get proper information.


Hopefully, You have understood how to increase traffic through and the steps to create your account which helps you listing your business.

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