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2018 Dec. 06

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Are you a Digital marketer and searching for ways and methods to get traffic to your website, Great! Adnabu helps businesses to increase sales through Saas.  This week let’s explore and understand what’s Citysearch business listing?

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Learn how to list your company on Citysearch and Increase traffic on your website. Additionally, we’ll go through a list of search engine and directories where you can submit and make the best out of local listing profiles.

Introduction to Citysearch

Citysearch Launched in the year 1995 In La Crescenta California U.S, Citysearch provides information regarding businesses in the categories such as Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Spa & Beauty, Hotel and Shopping, Visitors to Citysearch’s Local Listing Guide are provided with various information such as

Driving direction, Maps, Editorial, Contact Information and users feedback & reviews for Listed Businesses.

Best of City search is a distinct component that provides an opportunity to locals to share a vote for their favorite business in Top categories such as Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Bar, Club, Spa & beauty.

Annual polls are conducted by Citysearch and editors give their nominations, Throughout the voting period visitors vote to their local favorite business. After the polls end, City search publishes top ten businesses in each category. Therefore it is Imperative to have an account in Citysearch for local businesses.

The Listing process is very simple, we will help you create an account in Citysearch, Let’s get started.

Creating an account on Citysearch

Step 1: Signing-In

Type in and check for Sign In option on the top right corner of the screen, then click on Sign In. (Below is Image attached for reference)

Citysearch Login Page 1 STEP 1.PNG

Step 2: Providing the details

After clicking on Sign In option, you will be asked to create an account either by facebook or by providing Email Address. (Beneath is Image Attached for reference)

Create account page of Citysearch.PNG

Step 3: Account Created

Congratulations! You have successfully created an account on Citysearch. You can confirm by checking for the account on the top right corner of the screen. (Below is an image attached for the reference)Account Confirmation STEP 3.PNG

How to Claim / Submit your business

Step 1:  Claim / Add a business

Type in and search for your business and claim, But if you have not added your business, Please add your business. (Below is the screenshot attached for reference)

Claim business step 1.PNG

Step 2: Provide your business details

Provide your details such as Business Name, Street, City and click on submit and now you are done with adding your business. (Below is the screenshot for reference)

Claim business step 2.PNG

Note: There’s a quick guide from Citysearch for all your FAQ. Click here for reading it.

Directory Submission isn’t the only way to Increase the visibility of your business, there are many basic techniques to make your listing work and generate more reach for both mobile and local Internet searches.

Make sure every time to follow the checklist given below:

  • Business Description: Define and communicate your business with a brief description, Highlight your business’s portfolio, Clients, Customers, Product & Service offerings.

  • Stay Updated with your NAP Details:  Make sure to have correct Business Name, Business Address and Phone Number across all the platform. Such as Social Media, Local Listings, and Directories.

  • Link your website: In this Digital Technology Era, All Consumers before buying research for the company online and it is advisable to have your website linked to the local listing as it gives clarity and confidence to customers regarding the product or Service offering, Also it helps to get traffic to website and make sure to have mobile-friendly website.

  • Claim the listing: All Local search engine and online business directory provide the option to claim your listing through a short verification process. Claiming increasing the visibility of your Business immensely.

  • Customer Feedback and Review: Reviews and feedback both help the search engine as well as the customers regarding the quality and the value of product or services offered by the company, you should encourage the customer to leave feedback and reviews.

  • Videos and Images: Apart from submitting all the details, make sure to upload Images and videos of the business to your profile, as it brings better conversion, clarity, and confidence to the customers.


Hopefully, you've understood all you need to know about how to get Submit/Claim your City Business Listing and ways to Improve your Submission for local SEO.

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