Getting Started with Google Analytics Account. Learn how to access your Website performance using Google Analytics

2018 Nov. 05

Google Analytics Account

Today we will discuss what is Google Analytics and how can we create an account on Google Analytics along with some tips which can help you increase your conversion rate.

Overview of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web-based tool provided by Google which can be used by publishers to get a variety of information about their website and keep a track of the user’s activity. It helps in targeting customers based on the time spent by users on various products and services on their website. Google Analytics tells us about the total number of visitors, the number of page views, number of unique visitors to the website, amount spent on the website by the users, locations of the visitors and the search terms typed by the users on search engines which brought them to the website. It allows you to measure the advertising ROI and helps to track your Flash, social networking sites, videos and applications.

Now we will see how we can create an account on Google Analytics.

Creating an account on Google Analytics

Step 1: 

Log in to and search for “Start For Free” and click on it.

Google Analytics account setup step 1

Step 2: 

A new tab will open on which you have to search for “Sign Up” and click on it.

Google Analytics account Setup Step 2

Step 3: 

Now you have to fill in all the details about you and your website which includes Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, Industry category and the Time zone. Then click on “Get Tracking ID”.

Google Analytics account Setup Step 3

Step 4:

A new window will appear where you will have to accept Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Step 5:

After the page reloads you will receive a tracking code that you can use to track the pages you want to.

Step 6:

You will have to place the tracking snippet on your header script.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added a Google Analytics Account for your website by which you can now set up goals and track usage statistics.

Some Tips For Improving your Conversion Rate

  • You can monitor your bounce rate to increase your conversion rate.

  • You can measure overall organic traffic to understand more about your users.

  • You can use Internal Site Search which helps in optimizing your customer’s experience.

  • You can use Quality of SEO traffic which helps in comparing conversions.

  • You can look for conversion opportunities in your PPC data.


Hopefully, You have understood what is Google Analytics and how can you use Google Analytics to know about the users that can help you grow your business. I have guided you about how can you create an account on Google Analytics and some tips which can help you increase your conversion rate.

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