Difference between Manual extensions and automatic extensions in Google Ads(AdWords)

2018 Oct. 31

Manual ad extension vs automatic ad extension

Today we will discuss what is an Ad Extension, how are Manual Ad Extension different from Automatic Ad Extension and some Ad Extensions best practices.

What is an Ad Extension?

Ad Extensions are some extra brief of information about your business which can be added to your text ads which include your location, phone number, business ratings, etc.

There are basically two types of Ad Extensions which are Manual Ad Extension and Automatic Ad Extension. You should note that ad extensions don’t always show your information, therefore, it’s important to keep the most important information in your Text Ads and the other information in the extensions.

Difference between Manual Ad extension and Automatic Ad Extension

Manual Extensions is different from Automatic Ad Extension as manual extension requires you to fill your business details manually whereas Automatic Extensions doesn’t. Manual Ad Extensions are better because they can be customized and it reports easily.

Generally, when people talk about Ad Extension they usually mean Manual Ad Extension. It is so powerful that it can display anything like click-to-call buttons, store information info, message option other than calling a service or the pricing of the services that your company offers. Now, let's discuss some Ad Extensions below to understand better.

Best Practices For Ad Extension

Google Ads Sitelink Extensions: 

Sitelink Ad Extension is additional links that we can add to our search ads which allow users to browse through offerings up front so their clicks are more relevant to their needs.

Google Ads Location Extensions: 

If you are looking for in-store foot traffic Location extension is the best since users can see store address and hours of operation in the search ads. To make this is available to you, you have to connect your “Google My Business Account” to your Google Ads.

Google Ads Call Extensions: 

This extension allows you to show your phone number on your ads which are generally known to be click to call extension whereas for the mobile users you can only click on the ad to dial our business.

Google Ads App Extensions: 

App extension allows you to add a mobile app download button next to your search ad. It is attached with your thumbnail icon, name and a customizable call to action button under your text ad.

Google Ads Price Extensions: 

By the use of Price extension, you can show users about the prices of your products and services that you are offering directly on the ad.


Hopefully, You have understood What is an Ad Extension, What are the different Ad Extensions, the difference between them, and some best practices about Ad Extensions.

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