All You Should Know About The Game Google Feud

2018 Sept. 24

You know how Google is famous for its autocomplete results. Now that has turned out to be an online game known as Google Feud. You can always log on to to play. In this article, I will discuss what is Google Feud with some examples to play.

What is Google Feud?

Google Feud is an online game application where you can play with friends to guess how Google auto-completes the given search term. You get more points if your answer is searched popularly.

More About Google Feud

Google Feud is similar to the TV show “Family Feud”. It has four categories which you can choose to play from i.e.Culture, People, Names and Questions. After selecting players are given the first half of a phrase and are asked to guess the second phrase. The goal of the game is to guess ten different answers. Players have three chances for the wrong answer before it’s game over.

For example:

  • If you select the category “People”. The first half of the phase it showed was “I think I’m a”. Users will now have to guess the second phase. You can easily guess it anything from clone now to a serial killer and you will get a right answer.

  • If you select the category of “Culture” the first half phase which its showed was “all the way to”. You can type the second phase as “victory town” to “the bank” and your answer will be correct.

  • If you select the category of “Name” the first half of the phase which shows up is “Linda” so you can try guessing the second phase from “Sarsour” to “Belcher” and you will get a correct answer.

  • If you select the last category which is “Questions” the first phase which it showed was “who is the world’s richest”. You can try guessing it from “man” to “singer” where your answer would be correct.

The answers that are shown are the most searched phrases on Google Search and remember you will only have three chance if you go wrong. By guessing all the ten phases you will be satisfied by knowing that these are the phases what all the globe are searching for. The answers are collected by Google API and the answers are the depiction of what people are searching on Google.

The only thing about the game is that you have to be specific about the phases you enter as it doesn’t consider similar phases as you must have seen in the TV shows where they consider the similar answer.


Google Feud is an interesting game and its ideal for killing your time and having fun by knowing what the users are searching on Google. I hope it will be easy for you to start playing the game as I have illustrated an example above where you can always look into. I know your doubts about the game would have been cleared now.

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