Ultimate guide to Google sheets shortcuts that you need to know now!

Last Updated On : 2018 Aug. 19

Google Sheets Shortcuts.

All businesses and organization generate and deal with a lot of data and we all know that data are the raw facts accumulated about something, which can be unorganized and not specific. Whereas Information is refined from accumulated data which are organized, specific and meaningful.

To get Information there is a lot of data that has to be processed and cannot be done manually, Isn’t it?

Here’s why there is a need for a tool or web application to handle such a large volume of data and it is Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free, online application to create, edit and format spreadsheets which work on mobile, laptop and desktop.

Let’s go through all keyboard shortcuts:


Common actions are basic shortcuts in Google sheets for performing tasks such as selecting rows & columns, To cut, paste or Copy any text or data, Below is the list as follows:-


Formatting shortcuts are used to change, rearrange, insert and design the data in spreadsheets.

There is a full Image list of formatting shortcuts below:-


As the name itself describes the above word, Navigate means to move between the spreadsheets, menus, hyperlinks and web pages, Below are the Shortcuts available:-


Editing shortcuts are used to change the text in the document or file, To edit Comment etc.

Few Editing Shortcuts are Listed Below:-

TO OPEN MENU SHORTCUT - These shortcuts are used to open, view, edit, insert, any kind of menu available in the Google Spreadsheets.

ADD OR CHANGE ROWS & COLUMN KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: These shortcuts are specifically used to Insert, delete, hide or unhide, Group or Ungroup rows & Column. Below are the shortcut as follows:


While performing multiple calculations or series of calculation, it can only be done through formulas, below is the snapshot of the formula Shortcuts.

COMMON ACTIONS SHORTCUT ( MAC):  Let’s Begin and understand the common actions which mean basic shortcuts such as select, find, replace, save etc. Below is the entire Image list of a Common keyboard shortcut for MAC Users.

FORMAT CELLS (MAC):  Format Cells shortcuts are used to bold, underline, align, insert, format the cells in Google Spreadsheets, beneath is the full image list of shortcuts.

NAVIGATE SPREADSHEET (MAC): The below shortcuts are used to Navigate the Google Spreadsheet, Under is a list of Shortcuts Mentioned through Image.

TO EDIT NOTES & COMMENTS (MAC):  The below Image list of shortcuts are used to Insert, Edit, Move the Notes & Comments In Google Spreadsheets.

TO OPEN MENU (MAC): To Access, any menu in Google spreadsheets such as File Menu, Tools menu, Contact Menu, Sheet Menu, Add-ons menu etc are listed below in the form of Image.

TO ADD OR CHANGE ROWS & COLUMN (MAC): As the name suggests how to change rows & columns, Below are the entire keyboard shortcuts for MAC Users.

USE FORMULAS:  To perform basic calculations let’s say basic as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and for advanced calculations such as finding square & cube roots, Quartile, percentages. These formulas are used. Beneath are list image of formulas.

Conclusion:- Hope you have liked the Entire keyboard shortcuts of Google Spreadsheets both for Windows and Mac, I understand that it is very comprehensive information but while using on regular basis will make you more efficient at the workplace.