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2018 Sept. 03

Google Pirate

As you know going out for a movie could be expensive, if you can download a movie and watch it online. Why do you want to pay for something if you are getting it for free? You won't pay for it, right?

I will be talking about what are the piracy concerns and the rules which Google is following to remove all the pirated contents from the search engine.

What is Google Pirate?

Google Pirate is an update which features on filtering sites with copyright infringement reports. The reports are filled by Google’s DMCA system which prevents ranking well in Google’s listings. The filter is periodically updated. Whenever this happens websites which were previously impacted may escape. The filter also catches new websites which were escaped from being caught before moreover it may also release “False Positives” which were caught. The websites which are reported for piracy are then penalized with low search rankings.

What has Google Pirate Accomplished Since it was launched?

Google Pirate Update was launched in August 2012 to filter pirated websites reports and penalize torrent websites. There has been a lot of progress since the launch as it has reduced users to access the torrent websites through Google. It has removed millions of URLs that linked to websites containing pirated downloads. Google receives approximately 30 million requests per month to remove URLs.

Google has removed over millions of illegal download URLs as it has been working towards eradicating pirated contents from the search engine.

Is it good to Eliminate all torrent websites from the Internet?

Google has already deleted millions of illegal torrent and copyright pirated links but there is a lot of progress which has to be done. Google has removed so many websites but they can’t stop pirates from creating new websites. It’s not fair to blame Google for online piracy even if it's the world’s largest search engine which opens thousands of daily illegal download search queries by default.

There are some websites also who are so famous that they don’t even need Google’s ranking as it can only prevent new users to access it but it can’t stop users who have accessed it for years. The only way I can think of is deleting pirated websites physically. The responsibility doesn’t come under Google as it has to be done by the website’s host.

Future Of Online Piracy

I don’t think online piracy is going anywhere in the future. The issue with the piracy is an uphill battle for everyone who is involved. Google including all the entertainment industry is concerned about the ban of piracy contents on the web who don’t care about them. As Digital Copyright Protection is progressing and Google is becoming more powerful with deleting pirated contents, pirated will have their end with free movies and tunes one day or the other.


Google Pirate is a sub-search engine of Google which is towards deleting pirated contents from web. I have walked you through all the aspects that are creating a havoc for the entertainment world online. I hope you would have got a knowledge about Google Pirate update now.

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