Learn How To Stop Being Redirected To A Country’s Specific Top-Level Domain

2018 Sept. 20
Google NCR

Google NCR is about the automatic redirection of Google Search to your country’s specific top level domain. You would be having a hard time if you have recently moved out of the United States. Suppose you have traveled to Japan, therefore, you would be getting their local Google search which is google.jp. If would want to browse Google.com and see the results of United States you can continue reading the article as I have discussed what is Google NCR and some ways through which you can stop getting redirected to the Country specific Google Search.

What is Google NCR?

You can use NCR(No Country Redirect) feature which prevents you to be automatically being redirected from Google.com to a country’s specific top-level domain(ccTLD) like “google.co.uk” or “google.jp” and many others. It can be done by adding the NCR tags for the URLs.

More on Google NCR

If we use Google outside of United States we will be redirected to a local Google page. Google aims to provide the most relevant search results, therefore, the redirect happens. It provides relevant search results based on the location and keywords. Google detects the location with the help of the IP address when we visit Google as we know IPs are given based on the region. Google then redirects us to the country based website.

Ways to Stop Getting A Country Specific Google Redirect

Modifying The URL
  • You can go to the original Google Search and then you can modify it to “www.google.com/ncr”. The NCR at the end what you modified stands for “No Country Redirect”.

Changing Your Browser Settings
  • You can change your Home Button settings wherein the default it would be “New Tab”.

  • Click on New Tab Setting change is to “www.google.com/ncr” and save it.

  • Now you would be able to access Google.com anytime when you open your browser.

Adding Extension
  • For Google Chrome users you can go to the webstore.

  • Search for NoCountryRedirect(NCR).

  • You can choose from the list and add the extension whichever is suitable for you.

This extension will help you be in Google.com other than redirecting you to the country code top-level domain as I mention it in the above extract.


I hope you would be clear about Google NCR now and it will be useful for you if you want to search for something based on the United States if you are traveling somewhere outside. I have walked you through what is Google NCR and some of the ways where you can stop getting country-specific Google Search redirect.

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