Learn How Can You Submit A Legal Request To Google For Contents

2018 Oct. 18

Google Legal

There might be users who might have come across some contents on Google which violates the law, therefore, there is a way to approach Google which will remove, block or restrict access to it. We will know about the way we can approach Google in this article. We will also learn about finding support for our issues and how Google protects our information.

What is Google Legal?

If users come across any content on Google which violates the law they can tell it to Google where Google review’s the material and starts with removing, blocking or restricts access to it. Abusive content on Google’s services can also violate Google’s Product Policies so before users sending a legal request, they must flag the image, video or post as Google’s content team can review it. To know about Google’s product, privacy policies and their commitment to transparency and how users can send a valid legal notice to Google you can go through the extract below.

Finding Support For Your Issue

Users should visit the many resources of Google at Google’s Product Support Center where they can find answers to frequently asked questions or they can also search Google’s community help forum.

To learn about Google’s security and privacy tools users can visit Google’s Policies and Principle’s Page to find a solution.

Google Protecting Your Information

Google aims to provide users with the strongest security and privacy tools as security and privacy is an important factor for them. Google knows how important users are to them, therefore, it gives the best when it comes to privacy and security.

You can read Google’s Privacy Policy to learn about how Google uses information and the ways where you can protect your privacy.

Google’s safety Center aims to helps users and their family stay safe online therefore you can visit the website to learn about how it helps to protect you, your computer and internet from cybercrime.

Transparency In Google’s Process

Transparency is an important factor for Google as it is their responsibility to make sure that they maximize transparency around the flow of information related to their tools and services. It believes that more information means more choice, more freedom, and ultimately more power for the individual.

As part of Google to remain transparent, a copy of each legal notice they receive can be sent to the Lumen Project for publication and annotation. Lumen is a project within U.S. law schools which seeks to provide resources and free speech online and intellectual property law. It is also known as a database for requests to remove content from the internet.

About Copyright

It is the policy of Google to comply with notices of copyright infringement pursuant to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. If you want to read more about Google’s copyright policies and the requirement for the complete information, you can check Google’s Copyright Help Center.

How To Submit A Legal Request

You can visit this Legal tool which will help you through the process of reporting content which you believe should be removed from Google’s services based on applicable laws. You can complete the form which will help you ensure that Google has all the important information to investigate the inquiry as well as resolve it as soon as possible.

If your legal request has multiple products from Google, you have to submit the notice for each product which is affected.


Today, we discussed how to submit a legal request to Google for contents.

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