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2018 Nov. 21

Google Correlate

Do you want to know what people are interested in, through the search queries on Google? Google Correlate lets you do that. I am going to discuss what is Google Correlate and you would obviously want to know how does it work therefore I have got you covered, moving on we will see how can you use Google Correlate.

What is Google Correlate?

Google Correlate discovers keywords which are similar to time or regional search patterns for the data series or search term you provide. It is basically known to be opposite of Google Trends where keywords produce pattern whereas Correlate patterns point to keywords.

Google Correlate is mostly used by Marketers, economists, anthropologists, and many others to study and predict human behavior.

How Google Correlate Works?

Google Correlate has all the trending data for all the matching search queries that exceed a certain limit of endurance and search volume.

Google Correlate uses an Approximate Nearest Neighbor(ANN) and Asymmetric Hashing Algorithm regeneration to make a balance between accuracy and speed as you know no one likes to wait for the results to pop up and Google is known for its speed. Pearson Correlation is then used by Google to compare normalized query data to show the highest correlative terms.

How Can You Use Google Correlate?

You can log on to Google Correlate and you have to make some selection based on your interest. You can choose to type the query or upload your own data.

Let's discuss all of them.


The easiest way to use Google Correlate is through Keyword Search.

  • You can type your keyword and click on the “Search Correlations” and you will get a list of high correlative terms based on your default settings i.e. including your terms, United States(may vary depending on your IP) and weekly time series with no series shift.

  • The list shown to you will include 10 words sorted through correlation where 1.0 represents a perfect correlation and -1.0 a true negative correlation. You can browse through 100 words by clicking on “Show More” and you can also export the data.


The process of the spreadsheet is a little tougher than keyword search but I will make it easy for.

  • You have to create a spreadsheet with only two columns and no header row if you don't want to get an error later.

  • Save the spreadsheet in the format of CSV(MS-DOS) or CSV UTF-8.

  • When you want to upload your spreadsheet select on the option “Enter your own data” which will be next to search button.


If you want to identify regional search pattern the right way is to find correlation by states.

  • In the first column, you have to list the states with their full spelling apparently you shouldn’t list all the states for it.

  • While in the second column you have to list values such as sales, leads, returns, tweets, etc.


There are two options available for you if you select time series i.e. weekly or monthly.

  • In the first column, you can add dates and in the second column the values.

  • The format for the date should be in yyyy-mm-dd


Google Correlate is really effective for Marketers, Economists and other who basically want to know human interest. I have discussed Google Correlate, how it works and how can you use it. I hope you find Google Correlate useful for your marketing strategy.  

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