Learn Some Tips And Tricks You Should Be Using Adwords Reports

2018 Nov. 01

AdWords Reports

Today we are going to discuss some of the Adwords Reports by which visualizing your data would help you focus on better optimization in Google Ads.

What are Google Ads (AdWords) Reports?

AdWords reports are the reports which helps in visualizing the data of Google Ads(AdWords). The data can be of any type such as campaign’s volume, Ads Performance, number of impressions, performance based on region and so on. It helps to optimize the data and to target users with respect to data we get.

How Are Google Ads (AdWords) Reports Useful?

AdWords Report is really helpful if you are in the top position but it's not the best position you are in as it can be expensive if you have a tight budget. These reports helps you optimize your ad campaigns and tells you which position is best for you. It will help you control your budget and get conversion as well within your budget.

A Few Google Ads (AdWords) Reports Performance Parameters Worth Mentioning

  • Campaign Volume Over Time

We generally see our accounts performance fluctuating based on the traffic from different campaigns, keywords and ad groups, therefore, getting all data on a single trended graph allows you to spot your best performing campaigns and how the recent changes impacted your bussiness.

  • Performance By Hour Of Day And Day Of Week

Competition varies at different times all  week. Cost per click and position can tell us at what times competitions fluctuate. Based on the results we can adjust our ad schedules or can set bid multipliers where applicable throughout the week.

  • Analytics Metrics Reporting

When AdWords conversions are not available Analytics data can be a leading indicator. We can compare session duration and pages per visit which can tell us about the traffic’s source intent.

  • Impressions By Match Type

If a large number of clicks on our ads are coming from broad and phrase match by this report we can see the search term reports to see if any queries can benefit us from more specific ad copy. Large impressions can be captured through exact match types.

  • Cost And Performance By Region

Adwords geographic model helps us get the report about how each region is performing as users are based in different regions. We can set geo bid modifier using this report.

  • Impression Share By Device Over Time

If the ads are played in the top three positions, we should look at the impression share by device. Google constantly brings ads in and out of the auction as it optimizes for best search results by which impression share fluctuates. Half of the impression comes from mobile these days so publishers cannot afford to overlook low impression share on any device.

This helps us for your keyword research as it tells about poorly performing search terms that we have in our account. This identifies customer service keywords that pop up due to service disconnections or long tail terms related to news stories.

  • Search Term Volume Over Time – Account Breakdown

Search Term volume over time report helps bring your account to basic as we find it really complicated by overlapping of phrases or broad match keywords. Accumulating search terms from different ad groups gives us a fair performance trend over time for our search queries. This report helps to monitor search terms while adding new ideas to our account.


Hopefully, You have understood how to use the reports to see various functions in a stipulated way which can help us improve our targeting based on region, search phrases, keywords etc.

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