All You Should Know About Podcast Intro & Its Tricks

2018 Sept. 20

Free Podcast Intro Music

In today's article, we will cover why intros of Podcast is important, Ingredients for having an amazing podcast intro and how can you create your own podcast intros

Introductions in Podcast are Important Why?

Intros in Podcast are very Important, Apparently, Your introduction is the first impression to the listeners in the podcast, having a good descriptive intro helps you get the right audience and the audience in short while gets to know about you.

In this Digital Era, the attention span of adults has come down from 12 sec in 1995 to 8 sec in 2018, which gives an insight that you have 7 seconds to make an impression.

Ingredients For Having An Amazing Podcast Intro

Now the question is how do you make a great impression for your podcast audience, Well for starters it is to keep it simple & short, not more than 30 seconds. You also need to be unique & provide listeners with a summary of the podcast.

In such a short amount of time, you have to provide the following details to make it impressive

  • Podcast Name

  • Episode Title

  • Names of the Hosts

  • Podcast Explanation

  • Music/Sound Effects

These are a few ingredients to include in every podcast episode. Moreover, at times you may also be required to provide details such as recorded date, network ID, the name of your sponsors and disclaimers if the episode has delicate & emotional material.

How Can You Create Your Own Podcast Intro

Now that you have knowledge of having an effective intro and equipment to record audio, you can now start to create your podcast intro. But where can you check for music that is to be used legally? Here are a few places to start your search.

The Music Bakery

This is a site where you can buy the license for a song. Each & every license includes a royalty-free, Buyout license which you can utilize forever.


Musopen has a goal and is determined to become the “ largest online repository of music in the public domain.” Which signifies that the free library of music found on the website isn’t covered by U.S copyright law & to use freely

Public Domain Information Project.

Marji Hazen of Ashland, Ohio, Founded Public Domain Information Project in 1986 and it is a website where you can research, explore & discover music in the  Public domain. Additionally being a starting point for identifying royalty free music, you can also buy recording to license. This music may not be free, but the license will stay for a lifetime, Hence it might be a valuable investment


It is a trusted source of professional royalty free sound effects & production music, From 1998. Indeed, customers have included major brands ranging from Google to Disney. Prices are between $10 to $300 based on the type of the license.


Pond5 has a huge collection of music tracks to video clips to stock images which all are royalty-free. Indeed, the website presently as over 2,31,655 music tracks. When compared to other companies, it has strong pricing from low as $5 and highest as$100

Note:- Few other places for are InstantMusicNow, Neo Sounds, Partners In Rhyme, The Association of Music Podcasting & Shockwave-Sound

Create Your Introduction by Hiring Someone else

Finding it difficult to create intro or cannot get it sound great when you can hire experts and below are few resources where you can have experts create your Intro.

Voice123, Fiverr, Audiobag, Music Radio Creative, and Podcast Like a Pro with Dan Lyons


Remember to keep in mind the above points while creating your own podcast. Hope, you enjoyed going through the post

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