Real-Time View Of Planet earth Via Flash Earth & Its Alternatives

2018 Sept. 20

Flash Earth
Explore & Discover Earth's landscapes to galaxies and oceans just by an application known as Flash Earth 

In this article, we will cover what is Flash Earth and alternatives to Flash Earth.

What is Flash Earth?

Flash Earth is a Flash-Based application which has a zoomable map of the earth using satellite and aerial imagery from websites such as Yahoo Maps, NASA, Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth and more.

Flash Earth gives you mapping data from Yahoo maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, NASA Terra and OpenLayers. It enables you to select one of the maps & after which you can click or drag the map to the location you want to, You can do multiple things such as using arrow keys, compass control, rotate the map by turning your compass wheel with click & drag, Zoom in & out by dragging the slide bar up & down, by clicking on the plus or minus keys on maps to navigate the maps

Alternatives to Flash Earth

  • Google Earth:
    Google Earth lets you zoom anywhere on earth to view terrain, satellite imagery, 3D buildings, maps, as well as galaxies in the outer space to mountains & ocean. You can explore & discover geographical landscapes, save your favorite places & share them with others

  • NASA World Wind:
    NASA’s World Wind enables you to zoom from satellite distance into any place on the planet. Benefitting from Landsat satellite imagery & Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, it gives you the ability to experience earth’s landscape, mountains & terrain in 3D, Just as if you were really present there.   

  • Marble:
    Marble is a World Atlas & Virtual Globe that you can utilize and know more about the earth. You can zoom anything that’s there on the maps such as roads, buildings, places etc.

  • pTolemy 3D:
    pTolemy 3D projects goal & mission is to provide FOSS tools that are necessary to build your own 3D geographical Web App. The user application is identical in concept to NASA’s World Wind Java & Google Earth.

  • GMap.NET:
    GMap.Net is Powerful and great, cross-platform, Free, open source .NET control, Enable directions and maps from Google, use routing, geocoding, Bing, Yahoo, ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap, Pergo,, Maps.It, SigPac, Yandex, OviMap, iKarte.Iv, WikiMapia, CloudMade, NearMap, MapQuest in Windows forms, supports caching & works efficiently on windows mobile!

  • MapSphere:
    MapSphere is a convenient way to view and compose geographical data of a different kind. This can be satellite imagery from different sources, raster maps, it can also be your own info received from GPS, tracks of your mates & friends, whatsoever you want is possible

  • Urthecast:
    Urthecast is on its way of developing the world’s first real-time high definition video stream through a dual camera installed aboard the International Space Station (ISS) UrtheCast is one such company that is giving the world’s first Ultra high definition Earth video Platform, streaming from the space that is real time. By using UrtheCast’s super powerful web platform, people from around the planet now will soon be able to explore & discover the anything on the planet in real time.
  • Earth View from Google Earth:
    Earth View is a combination & collection of the most wonderful, striking & beautiful landscapes found in Google Earth.

  • Spectator:
    Spectator simplifies and smoothens the access to satellite imagery from ESA, NASA, and other providers. The Spectator gives you the ability to access images archives and also tracks & monitors satellites in real-time to provide you information about the next image acquisition.

  • Mapline:
    Mapline is flexible & the simplest mapping software on the earth, get empowered with map visualizations from data through excel spreadsheet to optimize logistics, identify growth opportunities, enhance market planning or mitigate market risks. Try to make your first map today!


Enjoy and have fun while exploring various places on planet earth by the above application, try it today.

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