Learn Today about Twitter’s Embed Tweet

2018 Oct. 05


You must be hearing about Embed Tweet nowadays but you wouldn’t have been able to figure out about it. We know how much Twitter is important for us to develop in the social media world to create brand awareness about our business. Don’t worry I will be discussing Embed Tweet and tell you how Twitter is helpful for our business.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking website which depends on micro-blogging for communication. Users can tweet their message in 140 characters and spread the information to their followers and even get the information spread around. Since the start twitter has grown huge having millions of users. It is used by mainstream media and also average individuals to share important issues, random issues or whatever they are doing at any time. Twitter also allows users to blog in short bursts which is know as microblogging.

Update About Embed Tweet

Twitter launched an update for both mobile and desktop which allows users to embed a tweet within a tweet. Users can just type their tweet and include a link to their tweet they want to embed and publish it. The tweet which users link to gets automatically embedded into their tweet.

The links cannot be clicked immediately therefore if users embedded tweet looks interesting to you will have to click on it to expand it. This totally simplifies the process of embedding a tweet as you just have to copy and paste the link into the tweet to embed it.

The best thing about this feature is that it is more like a retweet feature when you can easily have around 100 characters left for you to type your message with the link. The one more feature I like is that when you embed someone’s tweet, that person receives a notification. It’s also fun to note that if you embed a tweet with an embedded tweet into another new tweet, they all link together in a chain of tweets.

How is Twitter helpful for business?

Twitter helps in searching people over Twitter in many ways such as hashtags, username, city names, zip codes or keywords. It helps in targeting users having the same interest as yours. By following users having the same interest you can increase your brand awareness and get conversions out of it. Twitter is the most efficient way you can reach out to people.


As you must have been cleared about the feature of Embed Tweet by now. It will help you to add links to your tweets easily now. You can easily add a link with your personalized message in a tweet with the help of this feature. I have also discussed how Twitter helps you with your business.

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