An Insight On Elliot Search Engine and some of its alternatives.

2018 Sept. 14

elliot search engine

The idea for creating a project “Elliot Search Engine” is totally different and far from principles of Google. As we know how strong is Google and I don’t think someone will even think of competing with Google. The users using Google will remain with Google and we also love Google.

You might be figuring out what is Elliot Search Engine. You are at the right door. We will be discussing Elliot Search Engine and some of the other meta search engines in this article.

About Elliot Search Engine

Elliot Search Engine is owned by We Technology is a metasearch engine which allows searching from one search engine to another without losing the query word in the search box. It also allows to allows you to skip one engine to another. Elliot is a Google CSE search engine where Google is the key partner in the Elliot Project having 49% to Google and 51% to Elliot from the revenue generated from Google Advertising Network which displays featured search results using API. Through Elliot we can directly search in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask as well as Yandex which is integrated into Elliot.

It's been 6 years now and we have seen the project has gone through various stages to improve the website and reach the best. This project has been done by only one person over the past 6 years. In the coming future, we might see people changing the main page of their browser to Elliot search where they can search in all their favorite engines in one interface.

Some Of The Other Meta Search Engines To Know About


It uses innovative technology to search between top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search etc to give you the best result.


It helps you search for a discount coupon from different search engines.


This is a visual meta search engine that shows results on a graphical Map instead of showing them on a traditional search results page.


This meta-search engine gives you results based on an internal ranking system.


It is a parallel search engine that shows results from Internet’s top search engines and the results are in groups with most relevant websites on the top removing duplicate results as well.


This search engine adds documents with similar content or a related topic in the same group where each of it is assigned a label based on the content of the documents.


It provides search results based on the user’s interest where it gives a chance to check the results from a particular search engine and gives you result at the last.


It gives results from different search engines based on the category which can be found below the toolbox.


It gives your results from different major search engines with lightning speed and accuracy.


It shows you results from 17 different search engines and is very quick in deciding what is most relevant to users.


It is called as a 3-in-1 metasearch engine which gives us an option for clustering search, split search, and blended search.


It helps you search in 21 search engines without retyping the name of the search engines. The only what you have to do is enter your keyword and click on the specific search engine you want to.


In the near future, Elliot Search Engine would surely be welcomed by the next generation of Internet users which will help Elliot to keep the best. We should never fnd the difference between Google and Elliot as there is none. We can say Elliot and Google belong to the same family as Google is with Elliot since the birth of Elliot.

In this article, I have discussed Elliot Search Engine and some of the other meta search engines. I hope you have had your doubts cleared by now.

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