All You Need To Know About .Edu Domain

2018 Sept. 05


Today we are going to discuss .edu domain, what is the eligibility criteria, how can it help us and if it has more weight in Google search engine. Let’s get started.

What are .edu domains and the eligibility requirement?

Edu domains are the domains which end with “.edu”. Unlike “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc, .edu domains are considered as Top Level Domain(TLD). The major part of .edu domains is with American post-secondary educational institution like a College or University.

Getting a .edu domain is not easy. Edu domain is governed by Educause that limits the registration to post-secondary institutes in the US which are institutionally accredited that means the institution is accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education.

Other Schools such as elementary schools, high schools, middle schools are not eligible to register a .edu domain.

Exceptions for Edu Domains

Until 2001, Educause didn’t take the charge of .edu domains therefore according to terms of the Cooperative Agreement between Educause and the U.S. Department of Commerce, all the previous domains before the Agreement are exempted with the current norms. It is really difficult to find the previous domains and even if you do it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Does .edu domains get more weight in the search engines?

Some people say that if you have a .edu domain and even if there is no site’s quality, content and incoming links you will get more weight, but that is totally false as it has been said by Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts in a video where he explained that .edu domains also needs to have everything irrespective of being a Top Level Domain to get weight in Google.

Generally .edu domains have high Page Rank as they have quality and are respectable sites. You obviously wouldn’t see Harvard’s website with a low Pagerank as they have earned it like any other sites who have great quality and are respectable.

How can .edu domain help you and how can you get it?

Obviously, we like getting links to our website from the sites having more traffic, many followers and a higher page rank. Therefore, getting a .edu domain would really help us but we might get them organically and paying more. Even if we have links to get the domain, Stanford won’t compromise with their integrity for providing you link to your SEO website from their pages. There might be some school who would help you. 

Generally, most of the .edu link sales are done by students who sell a link on their school-sponsored blog which is located on a subdomain of the school’s website. Before buying a domain you will be considering that how much traffic does it gets or if it has a page rank therefore before getting your hands on to these links check the things what I mentioned.


Getting a Top Level Domain like .edu won’t be an easy task for you. I have discussed the ways you can try and I am sure you must be pretty clear about the difference between edu domains with other domains.

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