All You Need To Know About The Difference Of DoubleClick And AdSense

2018 Sept. 11

doubleclick vs adsense

DoubleClick was first launched as an adexchanger provider which was then acquired by Google and known as DoubleClick by Google. AdSense came along after that which is an ad network, not an ad exchange as it is generally confused by the marketers. We will focus on what is the DoubleClick, AdSense and the difference between them.

What is DoubleClick?

DoubleClick is controlled by Google which helps in developing and providing ad serving services. The clients include marketers, agencies and publishers who serve customers like General Motors, Microsoft, etc.

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is run by Google where it is the easiest way for bloggers or publishers to start earning money with their websites after adding codes to the website, the Adsense robot scans the website to see the category of ads to be added to the site,  to display targeted text, videos or image advertisements. It is basically when someone views or clicks on the ads published by Google on your website you start earning money in terms of per click or per view.

DoubleClick Vs AdSense Difference

Understanding the difference is really easy.

AdSense is one of the parts of AdWords which gives the website owners to display and publish ads on their website. The network also includes Search Engine, Blogger, Gmail, and Google Display Network.

Whereas, DoubleClick is alone a Google Display ad exchanger provider which offers a huge inventory to huge advertisers through programmatic real-time bidding that is managed through a trade desk type of service.

DoubleClick has tons of different ad networks and known brand and media names whereas AdSense network is available to advertisers by DoubleClick.

AdSense allows advertisers to place only up to three ads per page whereas, DoubleClick allows five ads per page.

Which is better AdSense or DoubleClick?

AdSense provides a field for people having a low budget for advertising as well as its an opportunity for websites to earn the profit for putting ads on their website with very less experience.

DoubleClick is costly compared to AdSense and complicated which requires expert management but has a larger inventory and more control.

Advertisers think DoubleClick is better looking at the following points as follows:

  • As Advertisers, they can set minimum prices for different ad positions on their website and they can be unique for anonymous or branded buyers of the inventory.

  • DoubleClick offers qualified deals which allow advertisers to offer and negotiate privately with an advertiser before the inventory can go for live auction.

  • Private Auctions helps website owners for having more control over which ads show on their website.

  • Advertisers can set different cost for different categories of their websites.


You must have got the clarification about DoubleClick and AdSense. You won’t have confusions related to it as I have walked you through the difference of DoubleClick and AdSense as well as told you what is better in regards to marketing. The above extract might be helpful for you to decide where do you stand and on which platform do you need to invest on to be successful.

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