What Is The Difference Between AdWords Vs AdSense?

Last Updated On : 2018 Aug. 23

Google Ads (AdWords) vs AdSense

Today we are going to discuss AdWords Vs AdSense. What is the difference between them? and how do AdSense vs AdWords go hand in hand? If you are new to the world of online marketing, you must have been hearing the term 'Adwords' and 'Adsense' in a very similar context. It is true that both of them work in a similar way but both of them are quite different. As we start to know about both the terms we can take advantages that Google is offering for online marketing.

AdWords Vs AdSense

AdWords and AdSense are Google's two major marketing platform for sellers and buyers. 

AdWords (a.k.a. Google Ads) is a marketing platform for businesses who want to market/sell their product/services on Google and other authoritative Google partner websites. Google Ads(AdWords) allows companies/business owners to start and create an ad which will be displayed by Google itself on similar SERPs and content pages.

Adsense is a marketing platform for website owner/ bloggers or anyone with an online presence where Google buys a space on rent from the blogger for Advertising ads. Adsense is the most popular way to earn money starting from the part-time bloggers to some of the largest publishers on the web.

More About Google Ads(AdWords)

Google ads or PPC or Paid ads are a fast and effective way you can use as a marketer to generate traffic, leads, and sales. Google Ads(AdWords) is the most popular way of online advertisement because you can see the results almost instantly unlike other marketing strategies which are time-consuming.

It is a Google’s advertisement process in which publishers bid on a certain keyword so that clickable ads are shown in the search results. It depends on the keywords competition and the importance of that keyword for your company, the ad may or may not work for your business as a real conversion. But looking at most of the cases it has been found that Google ads are extremely effective for most companies only if they don’t waste money on the wrong keywords or write-ups.

Types of Campaign in Google Ads(AdWords):

Search Network: 
When someone searches for something on Google, the list of ads that appears above the organic listing is called search Ads.
Google Ads (AdWords) search ad sample
Display Network: 

You must have noticed them while you are reading a post or viewing a video on some website, you must have seen ads in lots of different places on the page and in different formats.

Google Display Ads


This ad type lets advertisers run video ads on YouTube and other Google Display Networks. The 3 main benefits of running video ads are  as below:


If you are a retailer or have an online e-commerce website this campaign type would suit you the best. This helps you to boost traffic on your website and then helps in generating quality leads as well as increasing them to sales.

Google shopping ad Sample

Universal App Campaign: 

This campaign is helpful for companies having a mobile app. Here, the publishers can promote the mobile app in search engines, play store, display and Youtube. AdWords generally uses ad text ideas and other resources right from your app store listings. All a business owner need to do is provide some text, budget, and a starting bid. By taking all this information, AdWords itself designs different kinds of ads in different formats. Google also will automatically test different ad combinations and display the ones that are performing the best.

More About Google Adsense

It is the easiest way for bloggers or publishers to start earning money with their websites after adding codes to their website. The Adsense robot scans the blogger's website for content to see the category of ads to be added to the site,  to display targeted text, videos or image advertisements. It is basically when someone views or clicks on the ads published by Google on the blogger's website when they start earning money based on formats/campaign types: pay per click  or Pay per view(per thousand impressions)

The post content size which has been given is very important to get relevant and high-quality AdSense ads. We must understand that our readers will click on ads which are related to the article and the information they are looking for.

Types of Google Adsense Ads:


The content-based ads are targeted to users based on their interest. The targeting is done by two ways CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions), the only difference between the both are CPC targeting, earnings are based on clicks whereas CPM earnings are based on a larger scale i.e. per thousand impressions.


It allows publishers to display ads related to search terms on their website. Adsense custom search ads are displayed either alongside the results from an Adsense Custom Search Engine or alongside internal search results through the use of Custom Search Ads. Custom Search Ads are only available to “white-listed” publishers” though.


Adsense for video allows publishers to post ads which are generally with video contents to generate revenue using the ad from Google’s extensive advertising network.

Link Units:

Adsense for links are closely targeted to the interest of the users visiting your website as they directly interact with the ad unit according to their interest in the Ads shown to them.

More about marketing with Google

The actual position of the ad shown is calculated by your ad rank (Maximum Bid times Quality Score). The ad which has the highest rank gets the 1st ad position. The actual CPC will be calculated by the ad rank of the next highest ad below you divided by the Quality Score. The only exception is when you will be the only bidder or it would be the lowest bid per click. Google scores negatively to advertisers who bid with low-quality scores. Altogether, those having high-Quality scores will probably get higher ad rank and lower CPC. 

Today, we discussed AdWords vs Adsense and got to know that both of them play a very significant role in the world of online marketing for Google. To know more about how to market on Google Ads(AdWords) using AdNabu (Google ads automation software), click on the link Marketing with AdNabu.