How To Create And Manage An Account On Dailymotion?

2018 Oct. 31


Today we are here to know about dailymotion and how to create an account in it. We will also learn tips how to manage your Dailymotion account. Let’s get started.

About Dailymotion

Dailymotion was created in 2005 based in the country of France which is a video sharing website. It allows you to share videos, recommend videos to other users, search videos through their search options and more. It is accessible internationally which ensures diverse groups of users getting access to your videos. Each month approximately 116 million unique visitors log in to Dailymotion.

We obviously want our business to get more visitors, therefore, hosting videos through Dailymotion would get us, potential customers. Dailymotion covers varieties of topics which includes short news updates and entertainment to business presentations. Proceeding further, I will guide you with steps for creating an account on Dailymotion.

Creating an Account on Dailymotion

Step 1: 


Dailymotion Login

Step 2: 

Search for Sign in option and click on it. You will have a new tab opened where you have to click on Sign up. Alternatively, you can also sign up using your Facebook account.

Dailymotion Login Signup

Step 3: 

You have to enter your Email Address, Password, and Date Of Birth in the designated field. Then Click on “Next”.

Step 4: 

You have to create your Public Name, your link URL and you have to enter the passcode to create your account and complete the process.

Step 5: 

Finally, you have successfully created your account, now you have to confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link that you have got on your Email.

Tips for Dailymotion

Some tips for you to get going with Dailymotion’s account can be understood from the below extract.

  • Check your location if its listed on Dailymotion 34 specialized localized versions.

  • Before uploading a video make sure to add keywords to your title, tag, and descriptions for your videos so that it's easy for people to find it on the web.

  • After uploading a video make sure to share it on social media to get more visitors.


Hopefully, You have understood how to create an account on Dailymotion and some tips to keep in mind while using it.

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