Search For The Keywords That Your Potential Customers Are Using While Searching

2018 Sept. 03


Online marketing is all about targeting the right set of audience and Targeting can only be done by knowing the keyword that people are searching for, isn’t It so.

In this post we will cover the platform Soovle, How to use Soovle, features of Soovle and finally how to use soovle for searching keywords. Therefore lets get started

What is soovle is customizable search engines that provides suggestion from all the major service providers in one place, such as Bing, Google,, Amazon, Wikipedia,, Youtube.

Soovle is a keyword research tool, It greatly helps content writers and suggests what people are searching for in terms of business, association, service, products etc How To Use

Soovle is a great tool for content writers enabling them to include keywords in blogs, articles or website content for which the people are searching for, Adding multiple keywords optimizes your content and chances are that you come up in the top of the search engine results.

Soovle home page

Soovle is easy to use, Directly go to and follow the below steps.

  1. Type the keyword and press enter or click on soovle

  2. Soovle comes up with a list of suggestions, look for your keyword

  3. Once you have decided on keyword, Directly click on the keyword, You will be directed to the result page.

Using Saved Suggestion

Saved suggestion: 

This feature enables the user to save the keywords by just dragging the keyword or phrase from search box to “Book Image” available on the top left of the screen.

Under Saved Suggestions: 

There are 4 options as follows:

The Image is attached for reference

Soovle saved suggestions


You can link your email account and send the saved suggestion list to anyone over mail.

Download as Excel File: 

Click on the “Print Icon” available in the list, the saved suggestion list will get downloaded in Excel file.

Download as Notepad File: 

Click on “Hard Drive Icon” available in the list, the saved suggestion list will get downloaded in Notepad file.

To research saved suggestions using Google Trends: 

Click on the “Graph Icon” from the list and the keyword will be compared in Google Trends

Soovle google trends

Check the Top Keywords

Soovle top

The Top Option provides most search suggestion list by major service providers such as Bing, Google,, Amazon, Wikipedia,, Youtube.

You can check the list by just clicking Top option and will be directed to the new page, Below is the image attached for reference.

Soovle top keywords


For promoting business online the most critical aspect is to find out the keyword for your business and if you haven’t found, the best platform to resolve this is “”. Hope you have enjoyed going through the post.

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