Learn How To Create Tumblr Account For Your Business Within Minutes.

2018 Aug. 24

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In Today’s post, We go through how to create Tumblr account and best practices for Tumblr. This is a self-explanatory article that will help you get the best out of Tumblr account.

Introduction To Tumblr

Tumblr is a Social Networking website & Microblogging platform that allows users to post content such as Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, and Video. Tumblr as hosted over 417 Million blogs and 555 Million monthly visitors to the website.

Tumblr is a perfect platform for those looking for optimizing SEO, this platform has high authority within the search engine making your content more reachable when linked to the relevant keyword of your business. By following industry leaders on Tumblr and they follow you back makes your Tumblr account more valuable and accessible for search engines.

How to create a Tumblr account for your business. Let’s get Started.

Step 1:
Navigate to Tumblr

Go to Tumblr.com and select “Get Started” to create a new account. Enter personal or Business email address, password, and Username and click on 'Sign Up' button.

Create Tumblr account step 1

Step 2:
Select Minimum 5 Areas of interest

Select Minimum 5 areas of interest which you are interested in and your business is related to, this will help you connect with similar people of your interest. Once you are done with selecting, Click Next

create Tumblr Account Step 2

Step 3:
Verify your Account.

Check out your inbox, you would’ve received an email from Tumblr, Verify by Clicking on “This is me! You will be directed to the homepage of Tumblr

Verify Tumblr account step 3

Step 4:
Account Created

Great! You have now created a Tumblr account for your business and try to explore the features of Tumblr yourself.  

Create Tumblr account step 4

Step 5:
Start Posting

Once you are familiar with the features of Tumblr, You can now start posting through Text, photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and video and make the best of it.

Start posting on Tumblr Step 5

Best practices for Tumblr

  • Add social sharing button: Increase your reach by posting to multiple platforms

  • Comment & respond to comment: Engage with the audience on regular basis and build trust and communicate effectively

  • Link your Website: Make sure to link your website, so that visitors come to the website in other words Traffic

  • Connect Your Instagram Account: Increase your reach by connecting  through various social media account

  • Utilize hashtags: hashtag provides users to find the content very quickly

  • Track your analytics of Tumblr by linking it with Google Analytics

  • Share Valid content as much as possible to increase your reach among audiences

These are few practices to make your Tumblr account more engageable with customers. Community and finally to attract more visitors traffic.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully, you have an idea how to make the best of Tumblr Account for business, Keep posting and keep sharing regularly to engage with your potential audience.

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