Beginner's Guide to Create Reddit account.

2018 Dec. 06

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Online marketing requires a lot of efforts and comprehensive action plan for success, So let’s discuss and explore more about it by our new series called “Marketing Expansion Series’ by Adnabu and today we will go through & understand what is Reddit and how to create a Reddit Account and Here we go

About Reddit

Reddit was found by two graduates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in the year 2005, Both 22-year-old graduates from University of Virginia had a simple idea by letting the online community decide what’s meaningful, relevant and what’s not by letting them post their links and Information.

Rediff account covers a variety of subjects and topics such as science, sports, travel, video games, fitness, Tech, Relationships etc. If a community or account member’s content gets more upvotes then that particular content is placed on the site’s front page.

How To Create Reddit Account

To create a Reddit Account. Follow these simple steps. Below are four easy steps that will help you create Reddit account.

Step 1: Signing up

At the home page of, check for Login / Sign up on the top right corner of the screen.

Homepage of Reddit - Step 1.PNG

Step 2: Provide your details

After selecting the sign-up option, you will be directed and asked to provide an email address and then with username and password. For better clarity below is the image attached.

Sign Up Image of Reddit - Step 2.PNG

Step 3: Select your Community

Once you’re done with providing the details, You will have to subscribe at least 5 Communities of your interest and click on Sign up option at the end of the page. Below is Image for reference

Selecting communities - Step 3.PNG

Step 4: Account Confirmation.

Great work! Your new Reddit account has been created.

Note: You need to verify your email address.

Account confirmation Reddit - Step 4.PNG

A Beginner’s Guide To

Beginner_s guide to reddit blog Image.jpg is an open- sourced social news aggregator and discussion website. Reddit account members can create community and submit content such as posts, videos, links and images, which can be voted up or down by other Reddit account members.

Rediff account covers a variety of subjects and topic such as science, sports, travel, video games, fitness, Tech, Relationships etc. If a community or account member’s content gets more upvotes that particular content is placed on the site’s front page.

Once you have created an account in Reddit you are called as Redditors. Redditors can categorize, discover and share useful information and content.

Vocabulary for Reddit Terms

  • Up Vote:
    Up Vote indicates a positive vote and comment contributes to value created for the community   

  • Down Vote:
    Downvote indicates a Negative Vote and Comment is inappropriate or doesn’t contribute value.

  • Reddit Gold:
    Reddit Gold is paid membership with additional features such as customizing your avatar, enabling different theme to customize your site, turning off ads and awards others who have contributed significantly

  • Karma:
    There are two karmas, Post karma, and Comment Karma. Both reflect the quality of your account. To gain good karma you have to get sufficient upvotes and to check the good karma, click on the username and your karma will be displayed.

  • Mod (Moderator):
    This account has a special feature to monitor the subreddit and assures the rules are being followed and has the authority to ban, remove users, comments and posts.

  • OC (Original Content):
    Content which is not copied and written by the user by themselves.

  • OP( Original Poster):
    Refers to the person sharing the post on the comment made.

  • Lurking:
    Actively using a subreddit, but not actively contributing or participating. Many of them use Reddit this way as well.

  • Not safe for Work (NSFW):
    Content which is inappropriate and explicit, which you cannot open in a public place. It is found in the post’s tilt to warn users before they click the image, link or video.

  • Re-post:
    The Post that is already posted in the subreddit, Make sure to avoid this by searching prior in subreddit and is not been shared in the form of a link.

  • Shadow banning:
    A person with a banned Reddit account can make another one, “Shadow banning” is a punishment where the user is not aware that he or she is banned, instead of shutting down their account, all of their posts are made invisible to all Reddit members.

These are the features of Reddit account and all the users should know the above list in order to effectively use the Reddit platform. But anyways while using Reddit on regular basis you will get familiar with the terms and the features.


Reddit has 330 Million users, 8,53,824 Subscribers, 1,38,000 Community and is present in 217 countries with 14 billion Monthly Reddit pageviews. Isn’t it a good choice to market your company on Reddit. Therefore Let’s go through the ways to market your company on a Reddit account.

  1. Reddit Ads: Reddit Ads, Provides you to target users based on the Subreddit and gets you closer to your customers.

  2. Customer Service: Servicing customers on Reddit gives you an edge over others, as it proves that you are customer-centric and available where ever customers are. Example: Solving Complaints of Customers, Answering query, Connecting new customers with regular Customers and many more  

  3. Encourage User submission: More the Customers talk about your business, more is the goodwill created and you get an insight to improve your business.

  4. Promote Deals in Subreddit and run a contest on subreddit: Engage, Interact, promote and add value to your business with your customers by creating Niche, Specific Subreddit on Reddit. Example: Sharing Discount Deals, Coupons, promoting New Product or Services etc

  5. Hire local Talent: You can Hire Local talent by posting the requirement in the subreddit based on Location, Talent, and skills. Unlike other Social Media Networks

Can you create Multiple accounts on Reddit?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts on Reddit, but make sure that you remember the username and password of the accounts or you can enable the auto-save option on your browser.

How to Create a Subreddit?

Subreddit are categories or subsidiary within the Reddit website. This feature allows the users to focus on specific interest or topic in posting content that gets voted up or down by preferences and relevance.

Steps to Create Subreddit

Step 1:

Create an account on Reddit

Step 2: 

Find Communities by topics you’re Interested In

Step 3: 

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, Navigate to the homepage and click on ‘Create your own Subreddit’ on the right side of the screen.


Hopefully, now you understand how to get leveraged through Reddit platform and ways to market your business on Reddit.

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