Learn About Clusty/ Yippy - Meta Search Engine & How It Works Now!

2018 Aug. 30

Clusty / Yippy

Digital Marketing essentially is to do lot of research and communicate value to your audience, while researching you need efficient tool and today we will be discussing regarding Meta search engine tool which enables researcher to find information from multiple search engines in one platform. Clusty (Now known as Yippy) The Meta Search Engine.  

In this post we will walk through the platform Clusty (Now Known as Yippy), and its usage. Let’s get started

Introduction To Clusty/ Yippy

Vivisimo was a private technology company specialised in developing search engines from Pittsburgh, United States Pennsylvania. IBM acquired Vivisimo in May 2012 and is now branded as IBM Watson Explorer, a product of the IBM Watson group.  Clusty was a metasearch engine by Vivisimo and was sold to Yippy in the year 2010.

History -Clusty/ Yippy

Vivisimo was found by three researchers of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Jerome Pesenti, Raul Valdes and Chris Palmer in the year 2000. The word Vivisimo is from the Spanish language. Vivisimo meaning “very clever ” or ‘very lively”.

In the year 2010 Clusty was acquired by Yippy for $5.55 Million. The license for the velocity software, that was bought by IBM In 2012 and renamed as IBM Watson Explorer was also included in the acquisition deal.

About Yippy And Its Features (Formerly Known as Clusty)

Yippy.com formerly known as clusty.com. Adopts cluster engine to group search results into folders that consist of similar information. Moreover, Yippy.com is free for users.

Unlike, Many other search engines such as Bing.com, Google.com allows anyone to search anything without restrictions and is not safe for students and families. While using yippy.com you can search without the paranoia of accidentally directed to inappropriate websites.

With the Yippy desktop feature, you can go to various search engines; However, you will still be restricted from accessing websites known to be inappropriate for educators and students.

When searching for an item, a cluster will appear on the left side of the screen in the cloud structure. For Example: If you type Texas, the cloud structure will show up other subtopics of Texas such as Schools, University and animals. You can see the links for each subtopic in the cloud and by clicking on ‘+’ sign to find more sub-topics.

Yippy.com Search Results

One of the eminent features of Yippy.com (Formerly known as Clusty) is when you enter in an item in the search bar, the instant result provides you what part of speech the word or words belongs to. This is really helpful for students who can use this site to find parts of speech and to make sure they are typing in the word they actually mean. For Example, a student may be confused about how to use as and has, they could easily place each word into the search engine and check which one to use without using a dictionary.

While searching you get a tab on the left side of the screen as sources, sites and time. Under sources you can opt from where you want your information to come from; Yahoo.com, Wikipedia, Google.com, Bing.com etc Inside the site tab you can opt to the only search from .com, .gov. Org etc. Sites to narrow your results down and under the time tab you can opt when the information became available

Yippy.com (Formerly known as Clusty) search engine is developed and designed for families, students, and educators to keep track when searching for information without worrying about getting irrelevant or inappropriate information popping up in the results page. It is developed & designed to keep everyone safe on the internet while still being to search for information without the trace of “Cookies” on your machine the way Google does.

Yippy.com(formerly known as Clusty)  is a search engine that is used in hundreds of libraries, Schools and university thus providing safe searching. Yippy.com is definitely exclusive in the world of education.


As a content writer, a lot of research has to be done for writing an article or blog and while using yippy.com (Formerly known as Clusty) I found no distraction such as advertisements, Pop-ups, sidebars and I completed my work much faster and easier.

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