An Insight On Building Maker And Its Alternatives

2018 Sept. 17

Building Maker

You must be wondering to know about Building Maker as it would have been difficult for you to find it on the internet. Building Maker was a Google’s product which was later discontinued. We will be talking about what is building maker then moving on we will know about some facts and alternative of Google Maps. Let's start.

What is the Building Maker?

Google Building Maker was an online application which allowed users to make 3D buildings which they can include in Google Earth. Buildings used to be made using 3D shapes which were combined with aerial photos.

Google then reviews the submissions and includes them in the Google Earth 3D buildings layer when they of good quality and model which does not exist.

Some Important Facts About Building Maker

  • Building Maker was an online tool which was entirely running on a web browser.

  • Before adding anything to Google Earth, users were asked to sign in through Google Account.

  • Whatever models you created with Building Maker were live on Google 3D Warehouse.

  • Mac users had the option to download the Google Earth Plugin directly.

Some of the Alternatives to Google Map Maker


It is a collaborative project which allows creating a free editable map of the world.


Yandex.Maps have over 1800 cities and towns which you can access to easily and helps you find addresses and companies.


MapBox helps you design beautiful custom maps moreover you can also add them to websites and mobile applications using OpenStreetMap data.


WikiMapia is a satellite imaging resource and online map which combines with Google Maps with a wiki system and allows users to add information in form of a note to any location of earth.


GeoClip was proposed by EMC3 where it allows to publish online thematic atlas or territorial observatories.


You can use ZeeMaps to create, make and publish customized and interactive maps. Users can make a map of the places they have visited as friends, family or customers.

Map Kit Framework: 

Map Kit Framework provides users an interface for embedding maps directly in their own windows and views.

Map Chart: 

Users can create their own custom Map of World. It is free to download and it is known for its great visual representation.


Users can generate printable maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data.


You would have got an idea about Google’s Building Maker and learned about some of its facts. As it was discontinued by Google it would have been tough finding information about it. I have walked you through it and briefed you about some of the alternatives of Google Maps which you can use.

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