A Brief About Blekko Search Engine

2018 Sept. 11


You might have been searching over the internet about Blekko but you couldn’t have found out as the services are discontinued. To get a brief idea what was blekko I am here to help you out. We will know about what was Blekko and some of the alternatives to Blekko.

What was Blekko?

Blekko was a company which used to provide web search engine and aimed to provide better search results which were offered by Google search engine. It used to collect results from approximately 3 million trusted web pages and used to exclude those websites as content farms.

It was first launched in the year 2010 which used slashtags to show results for common searches. It also offered users to download search bar. Later it was acquired by IBM IN 2015.

What are the slashtags?

Blekko used slashtags for its search engine to give better results than Google. It consisted of a text tag which was preceded by a “/” character which allowed easy searching and category searches to users. There were predefined slashtags which allowed users to search instantly.

Users could also create their own slashtags after they signup which helped in performing custom-sorted searched and reduce spam.

Blekko Toolbar

Blekko had its own browser toolbar which was downloadable to users which used to change the default search and homepage URLs of the user's internet browser.

Some Of The Features Of Blekko

There were some of the features which were available to users. They are listed below:

Search Engine Optimization Statistics: 

It helped users to find out the SEO statistics for their website.

Linking Of Pages in and out statistics:

 It allows users to find out a number of linked pages in and out through statistical data.

IP address lookup: 

It helped users to find their IP address instantly.

Page Length: 

Blekko allowed users to find out the page length of a website.

Crawl statistics: 

Blekko search engine crawled through many websites, therefore, it allowed a user to find out the statistics of crawling if their website was crawled or not.

Page Count:

Page count was an option for users to see the number of pages the user had on their website.

Co-Hosted websites:

It helped users to lookup for the co-hosted websites.

Page latency:

Users could easily find out if their web page was well developed or was still in the developing phase.

Page Duplicacy: 

It helps users to check if the page is plagiarised or not.

Tagged Pages: 

Users can easily find out the number of tagged pages in the content through this feature. 

Some Of The Alternatives Of Blekko


It is a search engine having rich features, which respects your privacy and it is built from free/open source software.

Google Search

Google being the most popular search engine on the internet helps you search for web pages, images, videos, news and various other forms of media.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is different from normal search engine and is knows as a "Computational Knowledge Engine" which answers factual queries directly by solving the data from structured data without just providing users with a list of documents or web pages having answers.


Blekko was discontinued in the year 2015. You now must have got a clear idea about Blekko and the features what it offered to its users. I have discussed blekko, the technology is used to find the search results using slashtags and some of the features which were offered to users by blekko as well as some of the alternatives to it.

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