Updates On Bing Videos Search That You Need To Know

2018 Oct. 01

Bing Videos Search

In this article, we will cover the topic Bing Videos search and how Bing in numerous field or category consistently outplays Google. 

Bing Ads as not got the credit that it deserves to get. Although it’s a fact that Bing was comparatively slower to the paid ad game than Yahoo and Google, Bing Ads - Formerly known as Microsoft’s MSN adCenter - and now has been in the field for more than a decade and claims few impressive statistics in its own way. Look at Bing and its search partner network, that now includes Yahoo as well, sums up more than 6 billion searches each month. This number is just 30 percent in the entire search engine share. And a single Bing Ad purchase can reach out to more than 160 million unique searchers over the Bing network.

You could be missing out greatly if you haven’t considered Bing in your marketing strategy,  Here’s why

Bing Search Case

History of Bing has been by poaching searches from Google, Initially to start with capturing a serious 5 % of the giant’s share back in 2012. Search share fluctuates a lot but, the latest numbers show Bing again stealing more of the share. The logic for this is unclear and doubtful, but the uptick could be associated with the proliferation of Windows 10, all through in which Bing is deeply integrated. And while  Google and its integration with Siri’s voice search - may look unbeatable, they are numerous field or category where Bing consistently outplays Google.

  • Social media integration.
    Benefits of Bing is from the parent company Microsoft’s deals with both Twitter and Facebook. Google was slow for a while, depending solely on Google+ for its search results integration. Although Google Developed and designed a unique API to show tweets in search results. Bing’s Greater accessibility to social data allows it to feature more trending news from social media in its search results.

  • Image and video search.
    Although because of Google’s ownership in YouTube video Platform should give the clear winning status in the video category, Bing’s grid layout of video thumbnails represents a higher number of videos without scrolling, provides previews when hovered over the video and enables users to stream without leaving the results page. Concurrently, Bing’s Image search results feature higher, better quality images and enable users filter results in accordance with width, square layout or tall.

  • Look and feel:
    Although the design is always debatable, few of them feel that Bing’s results page is less cluttered and looks better cleaner, along with news feed of social media presented in easy to navigate grids( that further adds to the integration of social media mentioned above)

  • Rewards and freebies.
    With Microsoft Bing’s Rewards program, users shall receive points for every search - points can be redeemed at Starbucks, Amazon and other popular purveyors of goods. The ratio for point-per-search is not high, but they can add up with enough volume  

  • Bing Ads.
    Paid ad system of Bing is gaining ground on Google for a lot of reasons


As mentioned above in the article, Bing is also catching up with Yahoo & Google in Ad space and will eventually offer similar features that of Google & Yahoo. 

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