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2018 Sept. 17

Bing Political Index

Bing rolled out Bing Political Index in 2016 for Elections. You must be curious about what exactly it is and how can you judge a person and vote for him because most of the time we skip half of the news and forget about the candidates who fulfilled or left out the political leanings. We are here to discuss Bing Political Index which might help you choose the right candidate. I will discuss what is Bing Political Index and how it works in this article.

What is Bing Political Index?

In 2016 Bing searches had “2016 elections”, “Presidential race” and “Presidential Election” which in return made “Election 2016” box where users were able to click on “Bing Political Index”, Candidates and Timelines where they didn’t have to leave the search results page.

Bing Political Index had an insight of candidate’s platform which was based on search and social data, along with analysis.

Bing Political Index tells us about where each candidate stands with an issue as well as the public opinion on that issue. It helps everyone to know the candidates and the contest with that issue.

How does Bing Political Index work?

Bing Political Index assigned a candidate score as well as a public score which was based on ten key issues which shaped the 2016 election cycle. The issues included education, environmental issues, abortion, gun control, tax reforms, immigration reform, LGBT rights, drugs policy, Social Security and health care.

Bing Political Index uses a bar chart to show about progressives or conservatives about a candidate and allows to compare that with other candidates.

More About Bing Political Index

Microsoft worked with the non-partisan group, to create the tool. It scans news, public statements, press releases and more to tell candidates position on topics like education, environmental issues, abortion, gun control, tax reforms, immigration reform, LGBT rights, drugs policy, Social Security and health care. After that, it works with that information to determine how conservative, liberal, populist, moderate or libertarian a candidate is. It is the closest thing to unbiased information that is available for that candidate.

Bing has said that the Bing Political Index Information are dynamic and are updated monthly to check where each candidate stands. It has one of the surveys known as “MY BPI” where a user can see which candidate most closely aligned with their political leanings.

Moreover, users can also browse to check the top news stories and tweets of the day about that candidate and can see 30 days views of their news moments of the month.


Bing Political Index is the most unbiased way to check the information about the candidates and it also helps you see which candidate has leaned to the political sayings about an issue. I hope you now must have the knowledge about Bing Political Index and how it works with to give the unbiased information about the candidate.

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