Latest Guide On Bing’s My Saves Features And Others

2018 Oct. 25
My saves

Bing’s feature known as My Saves makes your life really easy. You can save anything starting from images, videos or shopping searches. I would be giving a clear view of My Saves in this article along with some of the other features of Bing which can be really useful in your daily life. This is one of the features of Bing where you just need to search on Bing to get rewards. Excited to know more about it? Go through the article to get a clear view of it.

What is Bing?

Bing is an internet search engine which is owned and operated by Microsoft. This service has been originated from Microsoft’s search engines i.e. MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search. Bing provides different search services which include web, image, video and map search products. It has been developed using ASP.NET.

About Bing’s Feature My Saves

Bing’s My Saves features allow users to save an image, video or shopping search result to their “My Saves Folder” which users can access on their mobile devices and desktop.

It made possible for users who have signed in their Bing Accounts to save video, image and shopping searches. The save button appears to users at the bottom of the video or image frame. When users click on the “Save” option it will add the image or video to the”My Saves ” folder which they can find in the settings icon on Bing’s homepage.

Whereas, for shopping searches, users can see a blue banner above images which says “See Shopping Results”. By clicking on this filter it will filter your results to images of products which users can purchase. Users can save their favorite search results and can access them from “My Saves” at any time so that users don’t feel pressured to make the purchase at the same time.

Other Features Of Bing

Bing Rewards

This is one of the interesting features which Bing offers. Users who search and engage themselves with Bing every day they can earn rewards if they have a Bing Reward Account. It is a program which rewards points to the users who perform searches and complete daily tasks.

Bing Image Match

It is an interesting feature where if you have an image or you want to find that image over the internet again this feature of Bing helps you a lot. You can use Image Match to do so.

Bing Computation

Bing performs computation at a go when you just type it in the search bar. But if you ask for some complex problems it will give you a link to the solution.


I am sure you must have got a clear view of My Saves feature which is provided by Bing. I have walked you through My Saves and some of the features which you can use in your daily life to make it easy.

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