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2018 Oct. 05

Bedrock data

In this article, we will understand what is Bedrock Data, Bedrock Data Provides Two Distinct Features, how does fusion & Sync work. Let's get started. 

Introduction to Bedrock Data

Bedrock Data enables the leading product to connect, clean and continuously synchronize several Cloud systems in real-time. Bedrock Data connects several business applications although cleaning dirty data for improved team alignment, greater agility and a single view of the customer. By excluding complex and costly system integration. Bedrock Data’s intelligent approach speeds and simplifies cloud connections for hundreds of its customers worldwide.

Bedrock Data are in categories such as Data integration, Cloud Data services, software, and SaaS, Headquartered in the greater Boston Area, East coast, New England and was founded on 18 May 2012.

Bedrock Data Provides Two Distinct Features .i.e Fusion and Sync

How does fusion work?
  • All Your Cloud Data. One Fused Database.
    Fusion consolidates customer data across several cloud application. Connect your SaaS applications, then let fusion map, match & merge every major object into a “fused Database”. Where formats are consistent & many data models transformed into a single schema.

  • Your Warehouse. On Demand
    Just the click of a button, Fusion provides you with a SQL warehouse, populated with all the data from your SaaS application, and kept up-to-date automatically. Every 30 minutes data is refreshed, permitting you quick access absolutely accurate data in your dashboards, BI tools, and analytics. Hardware is not a necessity.

  • Connect
    Choose your SaaS applications, Fusion will validate via their APIs & replicate all raw data from the systems before making “fused records”.

  • Fused Records
    Fusion naturally merges disparate datasets using type translation & data transformation. Hence if 2+ records exist in different systems, but somehow relates to the same thing (company, a person, etc.), Fusion will associate them for you.

  • Type Translation
    Entire data types are translated into a common format. Values that specify to same entity are put in a single, standard format; duplicates eradicated; conflicts worked out  

  • Data Transformation
    Exclusive SaaS data models naturally turn into a standardized, common schema. If you change your mappings, Fusion again builds up a new fresh warehouse.

  • Match Objects
    Fusion utilizes de-duplication keys to match records across multiple datasets. Match contact records on an email address, companies by name, and many more things.

  • Map Relationships
    Describe how one field co-relates to other fields for an object given. Map objects such as Companies, Events, Contact, Contact Lists, Deals, URL Mappings, Forms, Engagements, Broadcast Messages, & Owners. Customize mappings or use the natural one.

  • The Fused Database
    Matched, Modeled, Mapped & combined records & relationships are consolidated in a single MySQL database. Tables that consist of the Fused Database have fused, raw, & links records. We will provide you the details to your own SQL database, which is stored in the cloud.

  • Analyze & Visualize
    Fill your Fused Database to reports, dashboards & analytics. SQL for the query, Utilise tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MetaBase, Amazon QuickSight and more.

How does Sync works?

  • Select from pre-built connectors
    The integration process starts by initially selecting from our library of the connector such as Marketo, HubSpot, ConnectWise, Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, NetSuite, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Cvent, Infusionsoft and many more.

  • Manage your field mappings
    While connecting your systems, you will have to connect objects between 2+ systems, and track particular fields, along with custom fields and additional option to leverage object relationships example. To take data from an account to record contact, that enables you to open up data flexibility.  

  • Align & de-dupe data across systems
    Using unique identifiers for each object type data records are paired. Applying system of record controls on a per field basis, you confirm that you have a common view of records over all of your connected systems - in a short while you don’t need to think which system has the most recent updated data.

  • Data syncs & gets adjusted as data changes in any directions
    While the fresh data gets into any of the connected systems, it gets paired applying the unique identifier. Not similar to native connectors that tend to sync in one direction only, this de-duplication and pairing process operates in all the direction, storing the data de-duplicated and clean.


It is best recommended to first try out anything that is new and then based on experience explore more about it. Similarly, Bedrock Data is all about exploring and what best you can do for your business

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