All You Should Know About 'Anchor Title' now

2018 Oct. 10

Anchor Title
Applying link Title attribute has become quite famous since the progress of such widely used scripts as Wordpress, that by its nature duplicates the post title link in its TITLE attribute. Although being the common behavior, this particular method of applying Title attribute is both wrong and irritating.

The title is not indicated to be a duplication of the anchor text. It’s presumed to give additional/advisory information. The anchor text is presumed to “name” the link. Although the title text gives information about where the link will send the user.

Link Title attribute for SEO:

Title attribute bears no weight on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Many years ago, Googlers accepted they did not apply TITLE attribute in the algorithm because it was used too often. This has changed after all but then i still failed to see any proof that link TITLE attribute in some way influenced the rankings [ you can test this: add any word that is non-existent - that does not exist in Google Index - as a link title, wait for while for the link to be indexed, and after some time check if either the linking or linked page got ranked for that word). Somehow, if you have experienced in other, please share with us.

Link Title attribute for accessibility:

Visual browsers generally display the title as a “tool tip” - a short message that emerges when the Pointing device halts over an object. Audio user assistant might tell the title information in the same Situation. For example, setting the attribute on a link grants user assistants ( non - visual and visual)

To inform users regarding the quality of the linked resource  

One shall consider in mind that generally screen readers don’t read the title attribute, hence if you put anything important in there, several users won’t be able to hear it. if the extra information given through the title attribute is that user shall know prior following the link, Such as warning, then it shall be given in the link text instead of in the title attribute

In case, for acronyms, you shall add both a title attribute and give a plain text expansion the first time it is used on the page.

Link Title attribute for usability:

 In utmost browsers, it will pop up when you wave over the link.

Hence there is no necessity to duplicate the anchor text in a title tag. If the title tag can’t give enough information, then better not to use it.

Don’t include link title to all links: if it is needed from the link anchor and its neighboring context where the link will lead, then a link title will scale down usability by being one more thing users will have to see it.

The Outcome on TITLE attribute usage:

  • Don’t use it for search instead us it for your valuable users ( this way of approach always pays back)

  • Do not alter or duplicate it with link text ( it impacts usability)

  • Do not put too much of  efforts on the title attributes as not all screen readers may deliver it


It is best recommended to first try out anything that is new and then based on experience explore more about it. 

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